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Hard mode is a modified version of content that is meant to be more challenging than normal mode. In most cases, completing hard mode gives more lucrative rewards to the player(s).

There are many different types of hard mode, most of which are instanced.

Boss Encounters[edit | edit source]

Some bosses have a hard mode encounter which provide a harder fight but better rewards. In order to access hard mode, simply check the "Hard Mode" option on the instance screen. There is no additional cost for a hard mode encounter.

Successors are considered by the community to be hard mode encounters, but are not considered to be hard mode kills because the fight has been greatly modified from the original encounter. Barrows: Rise of the Six, Nex: Angel of Death and the Memory of Nomad are examples of successors.

Hard mode kill count is separate from normal mode kill count; kills achieved in hard mode are signified with red outline around the skull in addition to a thunderbolt icon on its forehead. The kill time is also separate from normal mode, with its text in red.

The Final Boss [Name] (Insane Final Boss) title requires the player to have killed all bosses with a hard/challenge mode at least 100 times.

Soul Reaper tasks completed in hard mode provide more Slayer experience and reaper points, but the whole task must be done in hard mode; a single normal mode kill will disqualify the player from these rewards.

The drop rate of pets is increased significantly when killing bosses in hard mode compared to normal mode. Hard mode kill count is combined with normal mode if applicable for the purposes of meeting thresholds.

  • The giant mole and God Wars Dungeon generals have a 5x multiplier (1/2500 and 1/5000 to 1/500 and 1/1000 respectively)
  • Vorago and the Heart of Gielinor have a 2x multiplier (1/5000 and 1/2000 to 1/2500 and 1/1000 respectively)

Giant Mole[edit | edit source]

The giant mole possesses a hard mode encounter. Each room's mechanics are enhanced for additional effects, and the final phase of the fight processes mechanics even faster than normal mode.

The ultra-growth potion is a unique drop to members' hard mode only, which allows wood and fruit trees to skip two growth stages. The drop rate and quantity of numbing roots, clingy moles are increased in hard mode, along with the drop rate of the dragon 2h sword.

God Wars Dungeon[edit | edit source]

God Wars Dungeon's original generals possess a hard mode encounter. The generals' health is modified to 100,000 regardless of which one is being fought, and their affinities are shuffled around. Their bodyguards remain unaffected by the change.

In hard mode, the generals use similar abilities to those in The World Wakes quest, with the exception of Commander Zilyana, who has a new set of mechanics since she was never fought during the quest.

The unique drop from these encounters are soulstones, which can be used to store kill count and bypass the requirement needed to access the said general. There are no drop modifiers to killing the generals in hard mode, so the drop rate of rare items is still the same as normal mode.

Nex does not have a hard mode variant, but the Angel of Death is considered to be her hard mode successor.

Heart of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Heart of Gielinor's original generals possess a hard mode encounter, which is called "Challenge Mode". Apart from Gregorovic and Vindicta, their health is modified to 300,000. These instances may only be fought alone.

Each general possesses a new mechanic(s), and their normal mode mechanics are also enhanced. The Twin Furies and Helwyr have a new mechanic that is used at the end of their attack rotation, before resetting back to normal. Gregorovic and Vindicta have one-time only mechanics that activate upon reaching 0 health.

There are no drops unique to hard mode from these generals, but the drop quantity of common items is slightly increased. The drop rate of unique items are slightly more common in challenge mode, but is not exactly doubled with a 100% drop rate increase - rather, non-essence rares are made slightly over twice as common, while essences are made nearly three times as more common.

Vorago[edit | edit source]

Vorago possess a hard mode encounter; unlike most other hard mode bosses in which the fight is slightly modified, Vorago's hard mode fight is much more of a challenge, adding six additional phases for a total of eleven. Many of his mechanics are also modified to deal greater damage. In order to create the hard mode instance, the instance creator must have mauled all six rotations in normal mode. Players who haven't mauled all six rotations can still join a hard mode fight by joining the instance creator.

The ancient artefact is a unique drop to hard mode only, which unlocks the Bombi pet. In order to obtain this drop, the player must have mauled all six hard mode rotations. Mauling Vorago for the first time in hard mode also grants the [Name] the Defeater title, and a single piece of the Outfit of Omens cosmetic override accordingly for the rotation mauled on if not already owned.

The drop rate of tectonic energy and seismic weaponry are increased in hard mode.

Elite Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Elite Dungeons

Elite Dungeons do not have "hard mode"; rather, this is simply entering and clearing the dungeon alone. Most mechanics from the bosses are scaled appropriately for the single encounter.

The drop rate and/or quantity of various items from the bosses are increased when tackling the dungeons alone. Refer to each of the elite dungeons' bosses for more information.

Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

A harder mode of Dungeoneering can be attempted when the player has successfully completed the Daemonheim tasks in full. Similarly to Vorago, the host must have completed all Daemonheim tasks and can invite those who haven't done so to the party.

The title "[Name] of Daemonheim" is awarded when all 60 floors are completed in hard mode.

Minigames/Distractions[edit | edit source]

Barbarian Assault[edit | edit source]

A harder mode of Barbarian Assault can be attempted when players have successfully cleared all normal mode waves at least once. The Penance punish players more severely in hard mode if mistakes are made, and the Penance King is fought at the end of said mode.

Hard mode tickets can be obtained from this mode, along with greater points and/or bonus experience.

Sunfreet[edit | edit source]

A harder variant of Sunfreet can be fought in the Dominion Tower. Killing this variant of Sunfreet grants 4250 Dominion Factor and a visual upgrade to the Dominion marker.

Troll Invasion[edit | edit source]

Main article: Troll Invasion

A "harder" mode of Troll Invasion can be attempted by simply asking Captain Jute to enable this mode. This mode is only available for the combat scenario. The normal twenty waves are compacted into seven, with each hard mode wave containing multiple troll types, exposing the players to all forms of combat.

There are no additional rewards to completing Troll Invasion in hard mode.