Harassing the Crassian

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Harassing the Crassian is an achievement that requires the player to defeat The Crassian Leviathan inside The Shadow Reef after allowing it to fully regenerate from below half health. The Crassian Leviathan must be damaged to under 190,000 life points, at which point the player must stop attacking and wait for it to heal itself back to 380,000, ideally avoiding damage and using a shield to minimise damage. After this is done, the Leviathan must be defeated.

To make the Leviathan heal itself faster, do not have weapon poison applied or have cinderbane gloves equipped. Do not have offensive familiars summoned, either. In a trio encounter, the Leviathan heals 9,000 life points per heal, reducing the amount of time needed to fully heal itself. Players can start with cinderbane gloves equipped, but then change to other gloves as soon as the poison is applied to make it heal slower during the initial part of the fight. When the Crassian Leviathan has healed back to 380,000, weapon poison and cinderbane gloves can then be used to finish it.

This achievement can only be completed in normal mode.

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