Handelmort Mansion

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The garden area of Handelmort Mansion
Handelmort Mansion as it appears on the world map

Handelmort Mansion is a mansion found in East Ardougne, just west of Ardougne market. It plays a large role in the Tribal Totem quest, and its garden is used during Back to my Roots as a patch for the jade vine seed. Home to Lord Francis Kurt Handelmort, a wealthy East Ardougne noble, the mansion is richly decorated. It is also home to some artefacts that Lord Handelmort has taken. He has gone to great lengths to protect these artefacts with guard dogs, locked house, and a booby-trapped staircase.

During Dishonour among Thieves the player frees Jerrod from a cellar behind the mansion and recruits him to join Zamorak's team to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske.

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