Lord Handelmort

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Lord Francis Kurt Handelmort is the wealthiest man in Ardougne and plays a background role in both the Tribal Totem and Dishonour among Thieves quests.

Although unseen in-game, he possesses great wealth which is evident from his booby-trapped two-storey mansion coupled with aggressive guard dogs, as well as a butler and gardener in his service.

However, his shadier activities remain unknown to public, such as stealing a revered artefact from a native tribe in Karamja and purchasing a werewolf from a gang leader, keeping him captive and forcing him to fight in the Fight Arena weekly for profit. As a result of the werewolf's captivity, he is detested by Hazeel. The werewolf turned out to be none other than Jerrod who was later freed by an Adventurer by the request of Hazeel during Dishonour Among Thieves.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Runescape Classic, Lord Handelmort's middle name was Brad, but it was changed to Kurt in Runescape 2.
  • His name may be a reference to Kurtz, the antagonist in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, the antagonist interfering with the original jungle inhabitants.