Hand of glory

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Hand of glory (Infernal Source) detail.png

A hand of glory is an item obtained while excavating during the Archaeology skill.

There are four dig site specific hands of glory which are listed below.

Adding a luck ring to a hand of glory produces a relic item. This process cannot be reversed, and the ring will be consumed in doing so. Any of the four types of luck ring can be added to any of the hands of glory, but only one of each relic can be created. Also, they must be created in luck tier order meaning you must use Ring of Luck first, then the Ring of Wealth, then Ring of Fortune and lastly Luck of the Dwarves. You cannot skip straight to tier 4 relic on the first Hand of Glory.

Using the luck ring specific hand of glory at the mysterious monolith at the Archaeology Guild unlocks the relic power associated with that ring.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

In medieval times a hand of glory was supposedly the right hand of a hanged felon, cut off while he was still on the gibbet. The hand was used as a charm to send the occupants of a house into a deep slumber, while the wielder of the hand burgled them.