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Hand may refer to:

  • Hand (Back to my Roots), a wizard's severed hand found during the Back to my Roots quest
  • Hand (Rocking Out), a part of a broken brass hand that is found to be in a reusable condition
    • Broken hand, one of five almost identical items, each of which yields one usable part
    • Brass hand, the completed hand made by assembling the usable parts
  • Giant's hand, a wieldable item received from Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza
  • Crawling Hand, a Slayer monster
  • Skeletal Hand, a Slayer monster
  • Zombie hand, a Slayer monster
  • Creeping hand, a pet that can be rewarded at Soul Wars
  • Hand Slot, the slot where gloves, bracelets and vambraces are shown when wielded
  • Sandy hand, a wizard's severed hand, found during the Hand in the Sand quest
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