Haemalchemy (Vol. 1)

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Haemalchemy (Vol. 1) is a book that gives details on what the Vampyres are experimenting with. It must be telegrabbed in the lab to be obtained. It is given to Safalaan Hallow at the end of The Darkness of Hallowvale quest.

A player lacks the scientific knowledge to comprehend this text, and as such its exact contents remain a mystery.

Haemalchemy, when broken down by definition, is the study of transmuting or modifying blood.

If a player attempts to read the book on Haemalchemy, they will get the message, "This book seems far too complex to you at the moment.", possibly hinting that you will be able to understand it in the future. The examine option seems to confirm this, as it says: "Volume 1", and not just the name of the book.

During The Branches of Darkmeyer, it is learned that haemalchemy is a process that allows Vampyres to become independent of blood. Blood tithing is the core of Vampyre civilisation and any knowledge of haemalchemy was covered up by Lord Drakan.

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