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This article is about the hotspot. For the activity, see Herblore Habitat.

Habitat is a hotspot in the menagerie, which is one of the rooms in a player-owned house. The habitat changes the terrain in the menagerie. There are five possible habitats, which are listed below.

Habitat Level Materials Cost[1] Experience
Garden habitat icon.png Garden habitat 37 1 bagged plant 1, 1 bagged plant 2, 1 bagged plant 3 16,703 201
Jungle habitat icon.png Jungle habitat 47 5 buckets of water, 3 bagged plant 3, 1 bagged willow tree 41,175 278
Desert habitat icon.png Desert habitat 57 10 buckets of sand, 5 limestone bricks, 1 bagged cactus 23,655 238
Polar habitat icon.png Polar habitat 67 1000 air runes, 1000 water runes, 1 bagged evergreen 130,000 373
Volcanic habitat icon.png Volcanic habitat 77 100 lava runes (a lava battlestaff will not work), 5 stone slabs, 1 bagged dead tree 106,000 77
  1. ^ GE prices used where possible, else price at garden or construction supplier used.