H.A.M. agent Brian

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H.A.M. agent Brian is a member of Sigmund's radical H.A.M. splinter group. He is encountered during The Chosen Commander quest. He is pickpocketed for Brian's letter during the quest.

Before joining H.A.M., Brian was a farmer. However, his crops were destroyed by a group of hobgoblins, leaving him with an intense hatred of monsters.[1]

Brian met his end during the assault launched on Sigmund's base under ambiguous circumstances, as it is unknown if goblin soldiers or the ensuing cave-in killed him.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ H.A.M. agent Brian, "The Chosen Commander", RuneScape. "I used to be a farmer, that is until hobgoblins overran my fields and pulled up all my crops. Honest farmers shouldn't have to deal with that!"