Guthixian Memories

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Not to be confused with Memorial to Guthix.

Guthixian Memories are memories of Guthix from the time when he was still a mortal Naragi. These memories can be triggered by catching five Guthixian butterflies during the Tribute to Guthix. A limit of 20 butterflies may be caught for experience in the player's lowest skill, along with the chance to unlock memories, but after the daily limit, more butterflies may be caught simply for fun. A maximum of 4 new memories may be discovered a day through catching butterflies, one unlocking every 5 butterflies caught.

Though the memories are in chronological order, they are not a continuous story, but incomplete shards, flares of memory. In these memories he talks about various things, starting with his life as a mortal and ending with his last memory just after the God Wars. He talks about his daughter Aagi, the city of Askroth, portals to and from other worlds, gods that came to his home-world (these were: Saradomin, Tuska and Skargaroth), the battles that raged, his ascension to godhood and the Elder Artefacts, he talks about the worlds he visited, Gielinor and Seren, the God wars, and ends with his final memory and wish for Gielinor.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The squat purple creatures were originally green, but were changed, most likely to differentiate them from goblins.