Guthix's Cave

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Guthix's Cave (labeled Guthixian ruins in world map, Guthrix's shrine at east end is a teleport destination) is a large cave located a short distance west of the Legends' Guild and east of the Ardougne Lodestone. Before the quest The World Wakes, it was the resting place of Guthix. It was discovered by Orlando Smith, and after the events of the quest that take place in the cave, it becomes Guthix's shrine.

The shrine can be reached using the "Guthix shrine" teleport on the Sixth-Age circuit or the Modified diviner's headwear. The upper floor contains a Monument to Guthix, attended by the Guthixian High Druid, a druid, and a druidessChronicle fragments and elder chronicles can be deposited at the altar for Divination experience. Offering 100 chronicle fragments at this altar unlocks the [Name] of Guthix title.

The large lower chamber, which is reached by asking the High Druid for a teleport, contains 30 Automatons which can be fought. This requires the quests Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The Chosen Commander, The Branches of Darkmeyer, The Firemaker's Curse and The Void Stares Back; otherwise the druid will not teleport the player to the chamber.

An elevator at the western end of the chamber allows returning to the surface. The Automatons in the room are separated into four areas; the majority of Tracers reside to the left of the Guardians and the majority of Generators reside to the right of them. Automaton Guardians reside in the middle. There are also two of each Automaton near the elevator.

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Guthix's CaveAutomaton GeneratorAutomaton GuardianAutomaton TracerGuthixian High DruidDruidDruidessGuthixian High DruidDruidDruidDruidessDruidessDruidessAutomaton GeneratorAutomaton GuardianAutomaton TracerGuthix's Cave map.png

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  • The runic writing in the shrine reads "Balance in all things" in various runic alphabets.