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Gurhs were a race of dragon-like creatures that the Dragon Riders tamed on their homeworld of Iaia. In exchange for the dragon riders looking after their eggs, they would let the riders mount them to plough their fields.[1]

When Zaros brought all the Dragon Riders to Gielinor, the gurhs were left alone on their homeworld.[2] However, as the Ilujanka were present well during the Sixth Age on Gielinor (as shown with Hannibus' descendant Sharrigan and unnamed others), it is unknown if any gurhs were still in existence by that time.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Hannibus, "Last riders", RuneScape. "There were no enemies, threats or lies, and we were at peace with all creatures, including the great gurhs - huge creatures that roamed the marshes. We helped them to find food and - in turn - they allowed us to ride them, to plough our fields."
  2. ^ Hannibus, "Last riders", RuneScape. "So, we followed the man through the portal to another world... Having left our world to the gurhs, we soon developed an affinity with dragons."