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Gunther only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
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Gunther (Summer Skill Off) chathead.png

Gunther is an event host and wolpertinger entheusiast that has appeared in several time-limited events, starting with NovtumberFest.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

NovtumberFest[edit | edit source]

During NovtumberFest, Gunther could be found in different areas around the world. He was the start of three different activities including: Finding Wolly? with hints given for Hunter experience, stealing back kegs from an ogre for Thieving experience, and rolling kegs while avoiding drunken dwarves for Strength experience.

Spawn locations[edit | edit source]

Gunther spawned along with his carriage at a different location in Gielinor every 3 hours and could be found allowing players to take part in various activities. The location for Gunther was different per world, so switching between worlds helped players find him quicker. Gunther moved from a spawn point to a total of three events, staying 20 minutes at each, before disappearing until another spawn.

Spawn times appeared to be approximately 2:00, 5:00, 8:00, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, and 23:00 game time.

When Gunther spawned, a message appeared in the chatbox saying: A cart has spawned <location>. All game messages must have been toggled on to receive this message. His location was shown by an orange holiday event icon Holiday event map icon.png on the minimap.

Possible spawn locations included:

Draynor Village
East of Draynor Manor
East of Falador
Draynor Village
Near the Goblin Village
North of Barbarian Village
North of Falador
Port Sarim
South of Barbarian Village
South of Draynor Manor
South of Falador
South-east of Varrock

Event locations[edit | edit source]

After spawning, Gunther roamed the world with his carriage until he reached a specific location. When he arrived at one of these locations, a broadcast message appeared saying: An event has begun <location>. An activity type could be visited multiple times on a tour.

A list of possible event locations included:

Map Location Event
Gunther east of Falador location.png East of Falador Keg theft
Gunther north of Falador location.png North of Falador Wolly?
Gunther north of Lumbridge location.png North of Lumbridge Keg rolling
Gunther north of Port Sarim location.png Port Sarim Wolly?
Gunther south of Barbarian Village location.png South of Barbarian Village Keg rolling
Gunther southeast of varrock location.png South-east of Varrock Wolly?

Summer Skill Off[edit | edit source]

Gunther re-appeared during the Summer Skill Off, running wolpertinger hunting as the Hunter skilling station. In the activity players gain continuous Hunter experience while catching the wolpertingers and letting the definitely not a wolpertingers pass. Drunken Dwarf could also be found next to the activity, having followed Gunther since NovtumberFest.

Winter Chill Off[edit | edit source]

Gunther returned for the Winter Chill Off, running the Fletching workbench activity. He decided to set up a fletching stand, where players could fletch arrow signs, which were to be placed around the crater to make certain his event wasn't missed. Apperently he had been hypnotized by Morn to think he was a wolpertinger, causing him much distress.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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