Gunnarsgrunn south mine

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For the mine in Gunnarsgrunn, see Gunnarsgrunn mine.

The Gunnarsgrunn south mine is a mine located just south of Gunnarsgrunn. The skull sceptre, assembled from pieces dropped by monsters in the Stronghold of Security, offers unlimited teleports straight to the Gunnarsgrunn mine a short distance to the north.

The clay rocks is helpful for training Crafting at low levels. One can use the clay on the well in the town to create soft clay. Then, using the potter's wheel and pottery oven also in the town, one can perform pottery. However, banks are quite far away. Crafting Guild has the same resources plus a bank at the nearby Clan Camp, but requires 40 Crafting.

Banks can be found in Edgeville, the Grand Exchange, and Varrock.

Barbarians may wander near the mine but they are not aggressive unless talked to and actively challenged to a fight. Settings -> Gameplay -> Combat & Action Bar -> Attack Options can be used to change the attack NPC option to right-click or hidden to avoid accidentally attacking them.

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  • After the major graphics overhaul on 20 February 2006, the barbarians were aggressive to any players who mined any ores, creating many problems for low-levelled skillers. However, after the Stronghold of Security was added on 4 July 2006, they are no longer aggressive unless talked to.