Gunnarsgrunn mine

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The Gunnarsgrunn mine is a mine located inside Gunnarsgrunn. Non-aggressive Barbarians surround the mine. The centre of the mine contains the entrance to the Stronghold of Security. There is also a mine south of the village.

The Barbarian forge and Barbarian anvil a few steps south of the mine allows access to the metal bank, eliminating the need for a bank, making it one of the best coal mining spots. They cannot be used for normal smelting or smithing however. There is no furnace to smelt bars in, and the closest is in Edgeville.

The skull sceptre, assembled from pieces dropped by monsters in the Stronghold of Security, offers unlimited teleports straight to the mine (via the "Outside" option).

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The mine is one of four mines located within a town or city, the others being in Port Khazard, Miscellania and Rellekka.
  • After the major graphics overhaul on 20 February 2006, the barbarians were aggressive to any players who mined any ores, creating many problems for low-levelled skillers. However, after the Stronghold of Security was added on 4 July 2006, they are no longer aggressive unless talked to and actively challenged to a fight.