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Anthony B. Robinson[1], more commonly known as Guildmaster Tony, is an archaeologist at the Varrock Dig Site. He was arguing with Associate Reiniger and Seth Minas over the best method of transport for getting to Anachronia. Following the release of the Archaeology skill, Tony disappeared into the mysterious monolith. His status is currently unknown. He has a special mattock locked in a case in his office.

Xephos gave Tony a black stone which was once possessed by the mahjarrat Zemouregal. When Tony used the black stone on the monolith he was sucked inside; he has not been seen since.

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  • hidden 18 March 2020 (Update):
    • Professor Tony has been renamed to Guildmaster Tony and has received a new appearance as well as a new examine text, the old one being: "An administrative archaeologist."

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