Guardians of the World

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Guardians of the World is a storyline in the Player-owned ports minigame. Like the Hyu-Ji, Quin, and Eastern Curiosities storylines, it involves three adventurers. This story follows the Tengu, the Memory, and the Exile.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Previous storyline cutscenes can be replayed by talking to the Tengu, the Memory and the Exile while they are in the port.

Part 1: Lament of the Sea[edit | edit source]

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The Memory informs the player that a new wisp colony has formed at Light Under Sea. It may be a trap however, so the player also sends the Exile and the Tengu to protect her while they also treat the unaffiliated seasingers there. The three return and tell the player that Kakashi was draining the seasingers when they arrived for an unknown purpose. They also hear about "Kami-shima" from the seasingers, although none of them know what it means.

Part 2: Gu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain[edit | edit source]

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The Tengu tells the group that they should visit his creators, the Gu people, as they are known for their vast knowledge of the Wushanko Isles, so the player sends him and the Memory to the Tengu Archipelago to visit them. The player then tells the Exile to meet up with Benkei, giving him a coded message to tell him that the Exile is a friendly contact.

The three return to the player after a while, with the Tengu and Memory telling the player that "Kami-shima" was a special island where the sea creatures originated from, and there were no gods in the Wushanko Isles because it was hidden from them by the world. The Exile tells the player that Benkei was dead, killed by the Exile's brother as Kakashi found out that he was spying on them. However, she found a hidden note on his body, stating that Kakashi had a fleet of ships and a mercenary army protecting him. He also drained the island of its energy, and created another tower, this time to be aimed at the player for unknown reasons.

Part 3: Guardians of the World[edit | edit source]

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The player tells the three that their captains have found Kami-shima, and plans to go along with them to face Kakashi. The three plead to the player not to come, as they are sure that he'll fire the weapon on them if they come along. Despite the player's arguments stating that as being the World Guardian and being protected by the magic of the gods, the Memory tells them that they will probably be unable to take on the energy of a planet. The Gu will send their warriors to fight the mercenary army while the seasingers will deal with the enemy fleet. Before leaving, the Tengu tells the player that he drugged their drink, and the player falls unconscious shortly afterwards.

They all return to the player after the battle, telling the player that Kakashi is dead and his Scarecrow is destroyed. The Exile's brother has been captured during the fight, and the player can't believe that the three had drugged them. During the battle, they saw creatures coming out from the island, aiding them and fighting against the mercenary forces, which the Tengu says were shi-guardian lions. The Memory deposited some of the divine energy back into the island, but could not deposit all of them. The three also felt invigorated, realising that the island has made them its guardians after the battle.

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