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Building options

The group gatestone portal was released on 19 July 2010. It allows every member in your Dungeoneering party to teleport to the Group gatestone. It can be built in the spawn room while Dungeoneering. It is extremely useful for players who do not have 64 Magic required for Group Gatestone Teleport, and not using any runes makes it advantageous even for those with 64 Magic.

It is the default equipment in the Construction hotspot when you start a dungeon, and can be replaced over any item without need of materials or level requirement, the only other free construct being the Photo Booth. Right clicking the portal will allow one to choose to replace it.

The Group gatestone portal is not available from complexity 1-4, until the player unlocks the Construction hotspot at complexity 5.

If you step into the group gatestone portal, you are teleported to a square next to or on the Group Gatestone, or the player carrying it. This can be combined with the homeport spell to bounce between a resource and the starting room in order to craft things without incurring a cost (best used in solo dungeons for control of the stone). Clicking the portal while carrying the group gatestone will teleport you to yourself but will not grant you the title "Tele-fail".

A player entering the Group gatestone portal.

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