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Grondaban is an unreleased NPC and mage who wrote many of the journals within Daemonheim, including: the Stalker notes, Grondaban's stalker notes, and the Enviromental effects. In year 1845, Bilrach scattered the notes of Grondaban throughout Daemonheim. This is strikingly similar to the story of Skaldrun, who chronicled the life of someone within Daemonheim before having his notes scattered and losing his memory.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Grondaban accompanied Bilrach for his expedition into Daemonheim. In year 1832 of the Fourth Age, Grondaban encountered the Stalker race that was summoned from their home world through Bilrach's portal experiments. The first stalker he met was Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz, a stalker with great control over temperature. Grondaban asked the Plane-freezer to speak its name in its own language, which caused him to have a tremendous headache and a nosebleed; the Plane-freezer then froze his nose. Grondaban left the Plane-freezer in the frozen floors where its abilities would be particularly effective.[1]

In the same year, Grondaban encountered a second stalker, Night-gazer Khighorahk, which had created a nest in Grondaban's private chamber. Grondaban entered the room to find all the enchanted torches extinguished, and upon lighting a torch was attacked by the Night-gazer's tentacles. He extinguished the torch once again, and Khighorahk regained its composure and stopped attacking. Grondaban decided to requisition new quarters and left Khighorahk to guard the furnished floors.[2]

He continued to document the stalker race and discovered their startling intelligence and their hive-mind. Later that year, he met Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan, a massive stalker with power over light and darkness that curiously suspended itself above a ladder shaft on four pillars instead of levitating like other stalkers. Grondaban witnessed a fight between Ihlakhizan and a slave who attempted to flee the dungeon. Ihlakhizan blinded the slave with a mighty flash of light, and when the slave fled into the shadows, they devoured the slave. Grondaban left Ihlakhizan hanging over the ladder shaft as it would obstruct any interloper's path. [3]

His research of the stalkers caused some other mages to look down him. He dismissed their disdain, believing that they could not recognise the magnificence of the stalkers. One day as Grondaban sketched a stalker's nest, a Bovimastyx wandered in. The stalker, Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk, emerged from the nest and exploded, releasing the spawn that had been contained in its body, which immediately swarmed outside and began devouring both the bovimastyx and Haasghenahk's carcass.[4]

In 1845, Grondaban had apparently angered Bilrach who began destroying Grondaban's journals, greatly worrying him. Bilrach ordered Grondaban to research the newest stalker that had arrived to Daemonheim, World-gorger Shukarhazh. Grondaban considered Shukarhazh remarkable because it was so "unremarkable"; it neither attacked nor communicated. However, Grondaban felt that the stalker was in fact dangerous and prayed that Bilrach had not sent him into a trap.[5]

However, Grondaban evidently survived his encounter with Shukarhazh and went on to write more notes 22 years later. Bilrach had allowed him to continue writing journals and took him to the bottom of Daemonheim. Bilrach returned from a plane with a mysterious stone. Grondaban asked to study it, but Bilrach refused. The same occurred with a creature that screamed at the sight of the stone; Grondaban again asked to study it but was denied, making him question his own usefulness and why Bilrach brought him here. He gradually became more paranoid at a feeling that his every move was being watched. Bilrach ordered Grondaban to study the stalkers' origin and history, but Grondaban was uncertain why Bilrach wanted to know such information. Knowing his time was limited, he continued his research.

He befriended a Soulgazer and learned that the stalker homeworld is Ocularis, a moon or asteroid hurtling through space. He asked the Soulgazer to say the world's name in its own language, and just like with Lakhrahnaz, his nose started bleeding severely; this time, he took three days to recover. He wondered why something as simple as a word could cause so much physical suffering. From the soulgazer, Grondaban learned of the stalker race's "father", which spontaneously originated on Ocularis. The "father" was initially a mass of flesh, but grew a brain and an eye to perceive the rest of the world. It then spawned the race of the stalkers to observe the universe and "stalk" information.

Bilrach sent Grondaban to Floor 61 to meet Veil-ripper Ozharakha, a previously unknown stalker. The Veil-ripper summoned forth Soulgazers and created a portal of shadow that it said led to the "father", and that Grondaban would be the first human to pass through it. Grondaban believed that the Father wanted to give him its knowledge and rejoiced at still having a use to Bilrach or perhaps the Father. Grondaban gave his writings to the Soulgazers, thanked Bilrach for believing in him, and passed through the portal.[6]

Works[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Grondaban is the author or co-author of:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It has been stated [7] by Mod Mark that it is likely more will be known about him in the Fremennik Sagas.
  • As Bilrach made it to the 61st floor, where Grondaban met Ozharakha, somewhere around year 169 of the Fifth Age, Grondaban must be more than 300 years old.

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    Question: Will more be revealed about Grondaban in the near future?
    Answer: Yes, Likely via the sagas.