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This article is about the cosmetic outfit. For the ingame griffin, see Grimgnash.
Griffin Outfit chathead (male).png
Griffin Outfit chathead (female).png

Griffin is an outfit override available from Solomon's General Store. It costs 400 RuneCoins for free users and 360 RuneCoins for members. It consists of the following:

  • Griffin Crown (head slot)
  • Griffin Mantle (torso slot)
  • Griffin Limbs (legs slot)
  • Griffin Claws (hands slot)
  • Griffin Talons (feet slot)
  • Griffin Wings (wings slot)

This outfit was free to claim for members for the month of June in 2019.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Griffin Claws were originally called Griffin Talons. They were later made distinct from the feet slot item with the identical name.
  • The outfit was originally called Griffin Outfit.
  • The description is a reference to the quest Grim Tales, where Sylas wanted a feather from the griffin Grimgnash.