Hard mode strategies for Gregorovic

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This article is a hard mode strategy guide for Gregorovic.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

In Challenge Mode, Gregorovic gains increased combat stats. His life points, however, still remain at 200,000, unlike the other generals who are given an additional 100,000; however, his healing ability is likely able to heal him around this much. Unlike normal mode, Gregorovic in challenge mode is immune to poison.

Gregorovic's abilities are somewhat altered compared to normal mode and he gains a unique ability when he first falls to 0 life points.

  • His RISE, CHILD! summons two spirits instead of one. In addition, these spirits move towards Gregorovic at running speed.
  • Gregorovic's shadows are summoned at 140,000 and 60,000 life points, the same intervals as in normal mode. However, an additional shadow is summoned.
  • When Gregorovic first reaches 0 life points, he turns the player into a shadow copy of himself while he starts healing himself with an initial set of 5,000 before healing for 10,000 afterwards every few ticks. The player will need to kill six Wight Hunters through auto-attacks (abilities cannot be used). Only food and Saradomin brews can heal the player - Soul Split does not heal from the player's autoattacks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to Gregorovic's punishing melee hits, and powerful Ranged normal and special attacks, players should use either Ranged or Melee to battle Gregorovic. Melee allows an easier time with defeating the shadows along with higher damage, and Ranged allows players to maintain their position and properly take care of spirits that Gregorovic summons.

Players should fight Gregorovic just like in normal mode, as he still follows the same attack pattern. However, use of Soul Split is discouraged in hard mode, as Gregorovic's attacks deal far more damage at an increased accuracy rate which makes it near impossible to recover lost health from it alone. Prayer-flicking Soul Split is only advised if you are experienced at it, given Gregorovic's high damage output.

Begin the fight in one of the corners, preferably the north-western corner so Gregorovic will only summon mania and delirium spirits, as if a spirit of rage reaches Gregorovic, it increases his damage even further. Using an augmented item with the Venomblood perk is advised, to nullify Gregorovic's poison, and the effect of the Spirit of Delirium. It is an option to simply ignore the spirits and let them reach Gregorovic as attacking them reduces the damage that could have been dealt to Gregorovic, but it is better to use multi-hitting abilities such as Ricochet or Chain to draw their attention off of Gregorovic, and then, if not killed, use Sacrifice on them at an appropriate time for a heal.

Once Gregorovic falls to 0 health, he yells JOIN ME! JOIN THE COLLECTION! and transform the player into a shadow clone of himself. He immediately heals 5,000 life points before healing for chunks of 10,000 at a time. Gregorovic will yell EMBRACE THE DARKNESS., and several Wight Hunters will spawn and attack the player, using magic, ranged or melee depending on their combat style.

The player cannot use abilities or teleport in this state, but they can switch between protection prayers to reduce incoming damage. The player's autoattacks have 100% hit chance on the wight hunters and deal 2000-4000 typeless damage with each hit, with a chance to inflict poison damage; it can also bounce onto an additional wight hunter if close enough, dealing damage equal to half of the first hit.

Lure the wight hunters close to each other to exploit the autoattacks' AoE. Eating food in the shadow form delays the player's attacks, subsequently allowing Gregorovic more time to heal. Drinking Saradomin brews while spam clicking on wight hunters lets the player to attack without interruption, however.

Once six Wight Hunters are killed, Gregorovic stops healing and says NO! ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE CONSUMED! and the player is returned to their normal form. Gregorovic does not restart his attack pattern; instead, he starts from where he left off prior to falling to 0 health at the time. Note that Gregorovic recreates four shadow copies of himself if he healed up to 60,000 or higher before the player killed six Wight Hunters, which is generally the case.