Hard mode strategies for Gregorovic

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This article is a hard mode strategy guide for Gregorovic.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

In Challenge Mode, Gregorovic gains increased combat stats. His life points, however, still remain at 200,000, unlike the other generals who are given an additional 100,000; however, his healing ability is likely able to heal him around this much. Unlike normal mode, Gregorovic in challenge mode is immune to poison.

Gregorovic's abilities are somewhat altered compared to normal mode and he gains a unique ability when he first falls to 0 life points.

  • His RISE, CHILD! summons two spirits instead of one. In addition, these spirits move towards Gregorovic at running speed, and the stack cap increases significantly.
  • Gregorovic's shadows are summoned at 140,000 and 60,000 life points, the same intervals as in normal mode. However, an additional shadow is summoned.
  • When Gregorovic first reaches 0 life points, he turns the player into a shadow copy of himself while he starts healing himself with an initial set of 5,000 before healing for 10,000 afterwards every few ticks. The player will need to kill six Wight Hunters through auto-attacks (abilities cannot be used). Only food and Saradomin brews can heal the player - Soul Split does not heal from the player's autoattacks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Melee is recommended over other combat styles due to its ability to deal rapid damage against single targets, which compliments the Vampryism aura. A Berserker aura may be used but will result in far more damage due to challenge mode increasing Gregorovic's already damaging attacks. AoEs can be used to dispatch of shadows with ease.

Note: Gregorovic is immune to poison in challenge mode, so don't bother with any weapon poison.

Gregorovic's attack pattern remains unchanged like normal mode, apart from the additional shadow from each spawn and the slightly improved spirits. Using melee, it does not matter which spirits are summoned or if they reach Gregorovic, as trimmed masterwork, and the vampryism aura will be enough to restore health. Make sure to flick between melee and ranged prayers accordingly to avoid taking unnecessary damage from Gregorovic's attacks.

Dominion mines can deal additional damage to help speed up the kill, since Gregorovic's fluctuating combat level trait still carries over from normal mode. Simply focus on Gregorovic for the entire kill; do not focus on any spirits or shadows. Although spirits will be ignored for the duration of the encounter, it is best to avoid having any mania spirits from spawning as they greatly increase his attack speed if they stack and can even throw his attack pattern off; after absorbing two mania spirits, Gregorovic's next special attack is another spirit summon, rather than going for the shadow glaives.

Once Gregorovic falls to 0 health, he yells JOIN ME! JOIN THE COLLECTION! and transform the player into a shadow clone of himself, before proceeding to yell EMBRACE THE DARKNESS., summoning three Wight Hunters - one melee, ranger and mager from the north, south-west and south-east corners respectively. Each Wight Hunter possess 9,000 health and can deal up to 1,300 damage with their respective combat style. The hunters yell WEEEEEUUUUGGGGHHHH! as they appear. Any lingering shadows and spirits are automatically killed off at the same time.

The player cannot use most abilities or teleport in this state. Their attacks have a 100% chance to hit on the hunters, dealing around 2,000 to 4,000 damage per hit. Hunters within 3 spaces of each other will cause the glaive to bounce once, dealing half as much damage as the first hit against them. They may be poisoned, but because Gregorovic is poison immune in challenge mode, it is not recommended to bring poison to damage them. Aftershock accumulates damage but the resulting blast when it reaches full capacity does not harm them. Familiars can be used to kill the hunters and it is recommended to bring a steel titan with scrolls for this purpose due to the cheap price of their scrolls with fairly decent damage.

As the hunters are killed, more will spawn in to attack the player, coming anywhere from the edges of the arena and with a random combat style. The hunters tend to spawn slower after the fourth spawn, with the remaining two generally appearing after the one before them is killed. Avoid eating solid food, as the player's auto-attacks will be delayed. Drinking Saradomin brews does not affect the player's attack speed and should be used in place of solid food for the duration of this phase. If an enhanced excalibur is used during this phase, make sure to click on a hunter again as it interrupts auto-attacks.

After all six hunters are killed, Gregorovic will yell NO! ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE CONSUMED! and the player is returned to their normal form. Gregorovic does not restart his attack pattern; instead, he starts from where he left off prior to falling to 0 health at the time. Gregorovic will usually have 75,000 or 85,000 health when the last hunter is killed; in rare cases, he may have 65,000 health instead. This will result in a subsequent shadow summon, but this is generally no threat to the player.