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For the red version received from the 2002 Christmas Event, see Santa hat.
For the black version received from the 2013 Christmas event, see Black Santa hat.
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The Green Santa hat is a tradeable cosmetic item released with the 2021 Christmas event. It may be received from Christmas Presents of any tier, although the gold present has a higher chance of containing the hat. These presents are obtained from handing in Christmas wrapping paper to Postie Pete. It could also be obtained from the Santa's Grotto Treasure Hunter promotion.

The green Santa hat can be reversibly combined with a Santa beard to obtain a green Santa hat with beard.

Jagex have stated that the green Santa hat is not discontinued and that it could be re-released again in future.[1]

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  1. ^ Mod Hooli. This Week In RuneScape: Presents From The Sledge. Reddit. 13 December 2021. (Archived from the original on 14 December 2021.) Mod Hooli: "The event is open to Free To Play players so they can indeed get one. In terms of the other two Santas, we've only got certain 'Green Santa Will Return' news to confirm as it stands today."