Greater magic circle

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The greater magic circle is built in the throne room of a Player-owned house.

It traps players inside if they are standing on the floor space when the lever is pulled. It has the "Release", "Drop into oubliette", "Expel from house", and "Teleport to..." options. This last option will teleport characters inside the cage to a location outside the house depending on the locations the owner's teleport portals of her or his Portal Chamber lead to. Guests of the house have a tendency to teleport anyone inside the cage, which is one of the reasons some house owners choose instead to put a lesser magic cage in as it can only hold or drop players into the oubliette below.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Trollheim was formerly the location that the greater magic cage teleported to at one point. It was changed due to complaints that the cage can send players to dangerous locations.
  • The greater magic cage also used to teleport players standing next to or two spaces away from it, making it even easier for players to get caught and sent to another location in RuneScape. This has also been fixed due to complaints, now only teleporting players standing inside the cage.
  • The greater magic cage cannot be used to teleport players to locations that they do not have quest access to. However, players can still be sent to the location even without completing the necessary quest to use the teleport spell, such as a player being sent to Yanille without completing the Watchtower Quest.
  • While the house owner is trapped in the cage, the butler will teleport a visitor into the cage with them. The visitors will remain trapped in the cage until they are released or leave.