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Greater Barge is an upgraded version of the Barge ability, requiring 30 Attack to use. It is unlocked by reading a Greater Barge ability codex, replacing the former ability.

Similarly to its lesser counterpart, it does not share a cooldown with Surge, Escape and Bladed Dive in the Wilderness.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Like the standard Barge, Greater Barge causes the player to charge to their target, breaking free of binds, binding the target for 6.6 seconds, and dealing 25%-125% weapon damage. Additionally, for each tick (0.6 seconds) since the player has stopped attacking their target, Greater Barge gains +10% ability damage, capping at 10 ticks (6 seconds) for +100% more damage for a maximum of 225% ability damage.

If this period of time has been at least 4.8 seconds (8 ticks), indicated by the buff icon Greater Barge buff icon 1.png, Greater Barge gains another effect: using it as the next ability grants the player a buff, causing the first melee combo ability (Fury, Assault, Flurry, Greater Flurry, Destroy or Frenzy) used within 6 seconds (10 ticks) of casting Greater Barge, indicated by the buff bar icon Greater Barge buff icon 2.png, to deal its damage as damage over time as opposed to being a channeled ability.

This means that another ability can be used once this effect is consumed without cancelling out the channeled ability used to consume the Greater Barge effect. Unlike standard damage over time abilities like Dismember and Slaughter, in which the first hit must deal damage or the remaining hits miss, a channeled ability under Greater Barge's unique effect is considered standard damage. This means that all four hits will roll against the monster's defensive values to check if they will hit or not. Critical hits and damage boosting effects will also increase the damage dealt from these hits.

When using Destroy with Greater Barge's effect, only the first hit will stun - the remaining three hits are converted into standard attacks. When using Flurry or its stronger variant, the first hit is dealt as AoE, while the remaining three hits are converted into standard attacks against the player's current target.

An effective use of this ability, particularly in bossing situations, is to target but not attack a monster, wait 8 ticks for the icon indicating the buff to appear, activate Berserk, initiate combat with Greater Barge, drink an adrenaline potion, activate Limitless and use Assault followed by Destroy or Greater Flurry, depending on what the player is fighting. This ensures maximum damage, along with stun (if applicable) or shortening the cooldown of Berserk, both of which are beneficial for the player.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Despite the tooltip's description, Greater Barge's damage is based on the time since the player has moved off their target (either by moving away, or by using Surge, Escape, or Bladed Dive). Provided the target is clicked first, if Greater Barge is used as the opening ability (while initially starting fallen out of combat) to engage in combat on a target it acts as an instant 225% damage ability and the second buff icon will appear. If the player chooses to move off of their target immediately after an ability and allows one global cooldown of time to pass (3 ticks), Greater Barge acts as a 155%.

  1. ^ If already engaged in combat, Greater Barge effectively becomes a minimum of a 135% weapon damage ability in normal use, where the only ways to achieve 125% would be through ability stalling or style switching from a Magic auto attack into Greater Barge on the same tick.

Hit timings[edit | edit source]

Greater Barge hits 1 tick after it was activated.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 9 September 2019 (Update):
    • Corrected various references to mutated barge, flurry, fury and dazing shot to greater barge, flurry, fury and dazing shot.
  • patch 2 September 2019 (Update):
    • Mutated abilities have been renamed to greater abilities, in line with new lesser abilities.
  • patch 1 October 2018 (Update):
    • Damage from Mutated Barge's DoT proc will no longer persist after a finished duel.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most abilities, when using "Setup Action bar" to automatically fill the action bar with abilities, it is possible for Greater Barge to be listed twice for no benefit.
  • The animation for the combo ability also changes to the one used by Slaughter, except in the case of the Destroy ability, which is changed to the player attacking only one time with its animation.