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Sphinx King Vargas (yeti)
Sphinx old.png Sphinx.png King Vargas old.png King Vargas (yeti).png
Tool leprechaun Goth leprechaun
Tool leprechaun old.png Tool leprechaun.png Goth Leprechaun old.png Goth Leprechaun.png
Argento Ork
Argento old.png Argento.png Zanarork old.png Ork.png
Easter bird Gatekeeper
Easter bird (2006).png Easter Bird Body 2.png GAtekeeper old.png Gatekeeper.png
Irksol Mr Mordaut
Irksol old.png Irksol.png Mr-Mordaut-Full.png Mr. Mordaut.png
Pigzilla Shadowy figure
Pig old.png Pigzilla.png Shadowy figure old.png Shadowy Figure.png
Mother Mallum Spirit tree (young)
Mother mallum.png Mother Mallum player.png Spirit tree old.png Spirit tree.png
Spirit tree (elder) Incomitatus
Elder spirit tree old.png Elder spirit tree.png Incomitatus old.png Incomitatus.png
Incomitatus Shamus
Incomitatus dying old.png Incomitatus (dying).png Shamus Old.png Shamus.png
Muncher Ashuelot Reis
Muncher old.png Muncher.png Ashuelot Reis old.png Ashuelot Reis.png
Sakirth Strisath
Sakirth old.png Sakirth.png Strisath old.png Strisath.png
Sithaph Dragonkin
Sithaph old.png Sithaph.png Dragonkin old.png Dragonkin.png
Queen of Snow Juna
Queen of snow.png Queen of Snow.png Juna old.png Juna.png
Light creature Lesser demon (Wizards' Tower)
Light creature old.png Light creature.png Lesser demon old3.png Azacorax.png
Demon butler Wild kebbit
Alathazdrar old.gif Demon butler.png Wild kebbit old.png Wild kebbit detail.png
Dashing kebbit Spotted kebbit
Dashing kebbit old.png Dashing kebbit detail.png Spotted kebbit old.png Spotted kebbit detail.png
Sabre-toothed kebbit Barb-tailed kebbit
Sabre-toothed kebbit old.png Sabre-toothed kebbit.png Barbtailed kebbit old.png Barb-tailed kebbit.png
Dark kebbit Prickly kebbit
Dark kebbit old.png Dark kebbit detail.png Prickly kebbit old.png Prickly kebbit detail.png
Diseased kebbit Sneaky undead fowl
Diseased kebbit old.png Diseased Kebbit.png Undead chicken old.png Undead chicken.png
Penguin Death (standing) (1)
Penguin old.gif Penguin.png Death old.png Reaper.png
Death (standing) (2) Death (seated) (1)
Reaper.png Harold Death Esquire.png Grim Reaper (2007).png Death.png
Death (seated) (2) Death (seated) (3)
Death.png Grim reaper 2010.png Grim reaper 2010.png Death (2011).png
Death (seated) (4) Baby basilisk
Death (2011).png Death (Soul Reaper).png Baby basilisk old.png Baby basilisk pet.png
Fiara Dead swamp snake
Fiara old.png Fiara npc.png Dead swamp snake old.png Dead swamp snake.png
Pig (1) Pig (2)
Pig old.png Pig old2.png Pig old2.png Pig.png
Icthlarin Brassica Prime
Icthlarin old.png Icthlarin.png Brassica.png Brassica Prime (Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza).png
Eir Baby mole
Eir old.png Eir.png Baby mole old.png Baby mole.png
Dairy cow Prized dairy cow
Dairy cow old.png Dairy cow.png Prized dairy cow old.png Prized dairy cow.png
Smoke devil Baby icefiend
Smoke devil old.png Smoke devil.png Baby icefiend old.png Baby icefiend.png
Pyrelord Abyssal minion
Pyrelord old.png Pyrelord.png Abyssal minion old.png Abyssal minion pet.png
Baby kurask Spirit scorpion
Baby kurask old.png Baby kurask pet.png Spirit scorpion old.png Spirit scorpion.png
Fruit bat Vampire bat
Fruit bat old.png Fruit bat.png Vampire bat old.png Vampire bat.png
Kharid scorpion Albino rat
Kharid scorpion old.png Kharid Scorpion.png Albino rat old.png Albino rat.png
Sharathteerk Spirit jelly
Sharathteerk old.png Sharathteerk.png Spirit jelly old.png Spirit jelly.png
Spirit kalphite Grenwall
Spirit kalphite old.png Spirit kalphite.png Grenwall old.png Grenwall.png
Green dragon hatchling Baby green dragon
Hatchling dragon (green) pet old.png Hatchling dragon (green) pet.png Baby dragon (green) pet old.png Baby dragon (green) pet.png
Blue dragon hatchling Blue dragon
Hatchling dragon (blue) pet old.png Hatchling dragon (blue) pet.png Baby dragon (blue) pet old.png Baby dragon (blue) pet.png
Red dragon hatchling Baby red dragon
Hatchling dragon (red) pet old.png Hatchling dragon (red) pet.png Baby dragon (red) pet old.png Baby dragon (red) pet.png
Black dragon hatchling Baby black dragon
Hatchling dragon (black) pet old.png Hatchling dragon (black) pet.png Baby dragon (black) pet old.png Baby dragon (black) pet.png
War tortoise Dreadnip
War tortoise old.png War tortoise.png Dreadnip old.png Ferocious dreadnip.png
Guardian mummy Undead mage
Guardian mummy old.png Guardian mummy.png Undead mage old.png Undead mage.png
Easter Bunny (1) Easter Bunny (2)
Easter Bunny old1.png Easter Bunny old2.png Easter Bunny old2.png Easter Bunny old3.png
Easter Bunny (3) Easter Bunny (4)
Easter Bunny old3.png Easter Bunny old4.png Easter Bunny old4.png Easter Bunny old5.png
Easter Bunny (5) Zimberfizz
Easter Bunny old5.png Easter Bunny.png Zimberfizz (freed) old.png Zimberfizz (freed).png
Imp defender Banner carrier
Imp defender old.png Imp defender.png Banner carrier old.png Banner carrier.png