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A[edit | edit source]

Amaethwr Arianwyn
Amaethwr old.png Amaethwr.png Arianwyn old.png Arianwyn.png
Arvel old.png Arvel.png

D[edit | edit source]

Dalldav old.png Dalldav.png

E[edit | edit source]

Elf messenger Elf musician
Elf messenger old.png Elf messenger.png Elf musician old.png Elf Musician.png
Elf Ranger Elf Tracker
Elf Ranger old.png Elf Ranger.png Elf Tracker old.png Elf Tracker.png
Eluned Elven city guard
Eluned old.png Eluned.png Elven city guard old.png Elven city guard.png
Elven recruiter Endwyr
Elven recruiter old.png Elven recruiter.png Endwyr old.png Endwyr, Emissary of Seren.png
Eoin Essyllt
Eoin old.png Eoin.png Morvran old.png Essyllt (warbanding).png
Eudav Estate agent
Eudav old.png Eudav.png Estate agent (Prifddinas) old.png Estate agent (Prifddinas).png

F[edit | edit source]

Junior Cadet Finda
Finda old.png Junior Cadet Finda.png

G[edit | edit source]

Gethin Goreu
Gethin old.png Gethin.png Goreu old.png Goreu.png
Gwir Grand Exchange clerk
Gwir old.png Gwir.png Grand Exchange clerk (elf) (old).png Grand Exchange clerk (elf).png

H[edit | edit source]

Haluned Head Mourner
Haluned old.png Haluned.png Head Mourner old.png Head Mourner.png
Head mourner (West Ardougne)
Head mourner old.png Head mourner (West Ardougne).png

I[edit | edit source]

Idris Ilfeen
Idris old.png Idris.png Ilfeen old.png Ilfeen.png
Iona Lord Iorwerth
Iona old.png Iona.png Lord Iorwerth old.png Lord Iorwerth.png
Islwyn old.png Islwyn.png

J[edit | edit source]

Operator Jen
Jen old.png Operator Jen.png

K[edit | edit source]

Kelyn old.png Kelyn.png

L[edit | edit source]

Operator Lil
Lil old.png Operator Lil.png

M[edit | edit source]

Mawrth Morvran
Mawrth old.png Mawrth.png Morvran old.png Morvran (warbanding).png
Mourner (1) Mourner (2)
Mourner-with-vial.png Mourner (vial) old.png Mourner (vial) old.png Mourner.png
Mourner (1) Mourner (2)
Mourner-with-pike.png Mourner (pike) old.png Mourner (pike) old.png Mourner (Death Guard).png
Mourner (Arandar) Mystery figure
Mourner (Arandar) old.png Mourner (Arandar).png Elf champion old.png Elf Champ on chair.png
Junior Cadet Mina
Junior Cadet Mina old.png Junior Cadet Mina.png

N[edit | edit source]

Nissyen Edern (1) Nissyen Edern (2)
Nissyen Edern old2.png Nissyen Edern old.png Nissyen Edern old.png Nissyen Edern.png

O[edit | edit source]

Oronwen old.png Oronwen.png

T[edit | edit source]

Teclyn old.png Teclyn.png

Y[edit | edit source]

Ysgawyn old.png Ysgawyn.png