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A[edit | edit source]

Abel Agmundi
Abel old.png Abel.png Agmundi old.png Agmundi.png
Aksel Ambassador Alvijar
Aksel old.png Aksel.png Alvijar old.png Ambassador alvijar.png
Alviss Anleif
Alviss old.png Alviss.png Anleif old.png Anleif.png
Assistant (Keldagrim Library) Assistant (Power Station)
Assistant (Keldagrim Library) old.png Assistant.png Assistant (Power Station) old.png Assistant (Power Station).png
Audmann Austri
Audmann old.png Audmann.png Austri old.png Austri.png

B[edit | edit source]

Baden Barman
Baden old.png Baden.png Barman (Keldagrim) old.png Barman (Keldagrim).png
Bentamir Supreme Commander Bisi
Bentamir old.png Bentamir.png Bisi old.png Supreme Commander.png
Black Guard Black Guard
Black Guard male old.png Black guard male.png Black Guard KOTD old.png Black Guard KOTD.png
Blandebir Blasidar
Blandebir old.png Blandebir.png Blasidar body old.png Blasidar the sculptor.png
Blast Furnace Foreman Blue Opal Director
Blast Furnace Foreman old.png Blast Furnace Foreman.png Blue Opal Director old.png BlueOpalDirector.png
Blue Opal Secretary Boot
Blue Opal Secretary old.png Blue opal secretary.png Boot old.png Boot NPC.png
Brother Bordiss Lieutenant Brae
Bordiss old.png Brother Bordiss.png Brae old.png Lieutenant brae.png
Brendt Brown Engine Director
Brendt old.png Brendt.png Brown Engine Director old.png Brown Engine Director.png
Brown Engine Secretary Brunolt
Brown Engine Secretary old.png Brown Engine Secretary.png Brunolt old.png Brunolt.png
Chaos Brunolt Junior Cadet Boff
Brunolt (Chaos dwarf) old.png Brunolt (Chaos dwarf).png Junior Cadet Boff old.png Junior Cadet Boff.png
Builder old.png Builder.png

C[edit | edit source]

Cart conductor (Keldagrim) Cart conductor (Dwarven Mines)
Cart conductor (Keldagrim) old.png Cart conductor (Keldagrim).png Cart conductor (Dwarven Mine) old.png Cart conductor (Dwarven Mine).png
Cart conductor (White Wolf Mountain) Cloaked figure
Cart conductor (White Wolf Mountain) old.png Cart conductor (White Wolf Mountain).png Cloaked figure old.png Cloaked figure.png
Consortium general secretary Customer
Consortium general secretary old.png Consortium general secretary.png Customer (dwarf) old.png Customer dwarf.png

D[edit | edit source]

Derni Dernu
Derni old.png Derni.png Dernu old.png Dernu.png
Donal Dondakan
Donal old.png Donal.png Dondakan old.png Dondakan.png
Dororan Doric
Dororan old.png Dororan2.png Doric old.png Doric.png
Dromund Drogo dwarf
Dromund old.png Dromund.png Drogo old.png Drogo.png
Drorkar Drunken Dwarf
Drorkar old.png Drorkar.png Drunken dwarf old.png Drunken Dwarf.png
Drunken Dwarf (Keldagrim) Dwarf (Death to the Dorgeshuun)
Drunken Dwarf (Keldagrim) old.png Drunken Dwarf (Keldagrim).png Dwarf (Death to the Dorgeshuun) old.png Dwarf (Death to the Dorgeshuun).png
Dwarf (Dwarven Shopping Store) Dwarf (Mining Guild)
Dwarf (Dwarven Shopping Store) old.png Dwarf shopkeeper.png Dwarf (Mining Guild) old.png Gadrin.png
Dwarf (Mining Guild) Dwarf (Mining Guild)
Dwarf (Mining Guild) old2.png Dwarf (Mining Guild) 1.png Dwarf (Mining Guild) old3.png Dwarf (Mining Guild) 2.png
Dwarven Boatman Dwarven Boatman (ore hauler)
Dwarven Boatman old.png Dwarven Boatman.png Dwarven Boatman old.png Dwarven Boatman.png
Dwarven Engineer Dwarven Ferryman
Dwarven Engineer old.png Dwarven Engineer.png Dwarven Ferryman old.png Dwarven Ferryman.png
Dwarven Miner Dwarven ancestor spirit
Dwarven Miner old.png Dwarven Miner.png Dwarven ancestor spirit old.png Dwarven ancestor spirit.png
Dwarven recruiter
Dwarven recruiter old.png Dwarven recruiter.png

E[edit | edit source]

Egil Elof
Egil old.png Egil.png Elof old.png Elof.png
Engineer Engineering assistant
Engineer old.png Engineer.png Engineering assistant old.png Engineering assistant.png

F[edit | edit source]

Factory Manager Factory Worker
Factory Manager.png Factory Manager.png Factory Worker.png Factory Worker.png
Farli Ferd
Farli old.png Farli.png Ferd old.png Ferd.png
Fjoila Fullangr
Fjoila old.png Fjoila.png Fullangr old.png Fullangr.png

G[edit | edit source]

Gamfred Gauss
Gamfred old.png Gamfred.png Gauss old.png Gauss.png
Glosur Green Gemstone Director
Glosur old.png Glosur2.png Green Gemstone Director old.png Green Gemstone Director.png
Green Gemstone Secretary Colonel Grenda
Green Gemstone Secretary old.png Green Gemstone Secretary.png Colonel Grenda old.png Colonel Grenda.png
Colonel Grimsson Colonel Grimsson (melee form)
Grimsson old.png Colonel Grimsson.png Colonel Grimsson (monster).png Colonel Grimsson.png
Grundt Gulldamar
Grundt old.png Grundt.png Gulldamar old.png Gulldamar.png
Gunslik old.png Gunslik.png

H[edit | edit source]

Haera Hammerspike Stoutbeard
Haera.png Haera.png Hammerspike old.png Hammerspike Stoutbeard.png
Hegir Hervi
Hegir.png Hegir.png Hervi old.png Hervi.png
Hirko Hofuthand (armour and weapons)
Hirko old.png Hirko.png Hofuthand old.png Hofuthand (armour and weapons).png
Holoy Hreidmar
Holoy old.png Holoy.png Hreidmar old.png Hreidmar.png
Hugi old.png Librarian.png

I[edit | edit source]

Inn Keeper Isak
Inn keeper old.png Inn keeper.png Isak old.png Isak.png

J[edit | edit source]

Foreman Jaak Jari
Foreman Jaak old.png Foreman Jaak.png Jari old.png Jari.png
Smokin' Joe Jorzik
Smokin' Joe old.png Smokin' Joe.png Jorzik old.png Jorzik.png

K[edit | edit source]

Kamen Karl
Kamen old.png Kamen.png Karl old.png Karl.png
Khorvak Kjut
Khorvak old.png Khorvak.png Kjut old.png Kjut.png
Klaas Klank
Klaas old.png Klaas.png Klank old.png Klank.png

L[edit | edit source]

Lakki the delivery dwarf Lava-flow miner
Lakki old.png Lakki the delivery dwarf.png Lava flow miner.png Lava flow miner.png
Captain Lawgof Lollk
Lawgof old.png Captain Lawgof.png Lollk old.png Lollk.png
Luitger old.png Luitger.png

M[edit | edit source]

Medwin Meike
Medwin old.png Medwin2.png Meike old.png Meike.png
Miodvetnir Myndill
Miodvetnir old.png Miodvetnir.png Myndill old.png Myndill.png
Mystery figure Mystic (dwarf)
Dwarf champion old.png Dwarf Champ on chair.png Mystic (dwarf) old.png Mystic (dwarf).png

N[edit | edit source]

Nigall Niloof
Nigall old.png Nigall.png Niloof old.png Niloof.png
Nolar Nulodion
Nolar.png Nolar.png Nulodion old.png Nulodion.png
Nurmof old.png Nurmof.png

O[edit | edit source]

Obert Odmar
Obert old.png Obert.png Odmar old.png Odmar.png
Orange Flame Director Orange Flame Secretary
Orange Flame director old.png Orange Flame director.png Orange Flame secretary old.png Orange Flame secretary.png
Ordan Oxi
Ordan old.png Ordan.png Oxi old.png Oxi.png

P[edit | edit source]

Purple Pewter Director Purple Pewter Secretary
Purple Pewter Director old.png Purple Pewter Director.png Purple Pewter Secretary old.png Purple Pewter Secretary.png

R[edit | edit source]

Ramarno Randivor
Ramarno body old.png Ramarno.png Randivor.png Randivor.png
Rauborn Red Axe Secretary
Rauborn old.png Rauborn.png Red Axe Secretary old.png Red Axe Secretary.png
Reinald Riki the sculptor's model
Reinald old.png Reinald.png Riki old.png Riki the sculptor's model.png
Riki the sculptor's model Rind the gardener
Riki Alvis old.png Riki as Alvis.png Rind the gardener old.png Rind the gardener.png
Rohak Rolad
Rohak old.png Rohak.png Rolad body old.png Rolad.png
Rowdy dwarf Runvastr
Rowdy dwarf old.png Rowdy dwarf.png Runvastr old.png Runvastr.png
Rupert the Beard Rupert the Beard
Rupert old.png Rupert the Beard.png Rupert underwear old.png Rupert in underwear.png

S[edit | edit source]

Sagira Santiri
Sagira old.png Sagira.png Santiri old.png Santiri.png
Saro Silver Cog Director
Saro old.png Saro.png Silver Cog Director old.png Silver Cog Director.png
Silver Cog Secretary Stankers
Silver Cog Secretary old.png Silver Cog Secretary.png Stankers body old.png Stankers.png
Sten Suak
Sten old.png Sten.png Suak old.png Suak.png
Stonemason old.png Stonemason.png
Sune Lava-flow miner Sven
Sune old.png Sune.png Sven old.png Lava-flow miner sven.png

T[edit | edit source]

Tati Thak
Tati old.png Tati.png Thak old.png Thak.png
Thaki the delivery dwarf Thorgel
Thaki old.png Thaki the delivery dwarf.png Thorgel old.png Thorgel.png
Thorodin Thurgo
Thorodin old.png Thorodin.png Thurgo old.png Thurgo.png
Tombar Ticket dwarf
Tombar old.png Tombar.png Ticket dwarf old.png Ticket Dwarf.png
Trade Referee Trader
Trade Referee old.png Trade Referee.png Trader (dwarf) old.png Trader (dwarf).png

U[edit | edit source]

Ulifed Urist Loric
Ulifed old.png Ulifed.png Urist old.png Urist loric.png

V[edit | edit source]

Vaeringk Commander Veldaban
Vaeringk old.png Vaeringk.png Commander Veldaban old.png Commander Veldaban.png
Commander Veldaban (wounded) Veldaban
Veldaban wounded old.png Veldaban wounded.png Veldaban old.png Veldaban plain clothes.png
Veldaban (armed) King Veldaban
Veldaban armed old.png Veldaban armed.png King Veldaban old.png King Veldaban.png
Vestri Vermundi
Vestri old.png Vestri.png Vermundi old.png Vermundi.png
Commander Veldaban
Veldaban asleep old.png Veldaban asleep.png

W[edit | edit source]

Wemund White Chisel Director
Wemund old.png Wemund.png White Chisel Director old.png White Chisel Director.png
White Chisel Secretary
White Chisel Secretary old.png White Chisel Secretary.png

Y[edit | edit source]

Yellow Fortune Director Yellow Fortune Secretary
Yellow Fortune Director old.png Yellow Fortune Director.png Yellow Fortune Secretary old.png Yellow Fortune Secretary.png
Commander Yodri
Yodri old.png Commander Yodri.png