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Scenery[edit | edit source]

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Other[edit | edit source]

Varrock Fountain Dramen tree
Old fountain.png Varrock fountain.png Old dramen tree.png Dramen tree.png
Cooking Guild ground floor Waterfall Quest final room
Cook guild floor 1.png Cookguild0.png Old-Waterfall-Quest-Final-Chamber.png Waterfall Quest Final Chamber.png
Lumbridge Sage 's camp Ent
Lumbridge guide.png Lummy guide stall.png Old normalent.png Normalent.png
Ent (dead) Ent (willow)
Old Deadent2.png Dead tree ent.png Old Willowent.png Willowent.png
Draynor Manor Dwarf multicannon
Draynor's Tomb.png Count Draynor's Basement.png Dwarf multicannon detail.png Dwarfcannon.png
Barbarian Assault Barbarian Assault
Attdispenserold.png Attdispensernow.png Healdispenserold.png Healdispensernow.png
Defender dispenser Door
Defdispenserold.png Defdispensernow.png Old door.png Door.png
Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon Zanaris
Daemonheim Woodcutting Isle.png Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon.png Fairy Godfather's hideout (before) Somewhere in Zanaris (after)
Cow-powered Windmill War Room (Fairy Resistance Hideout)
Windmill (before) Cow powered windmill old 2.png Windmill (after) War room (before) War room (after)
Fairy Nuff's grotto Lumbridge furnace and Smelting Tutor
Fairy Nuff's grotto (before) Fairy Nuff's house (after) Lumbridge Furnace (before) Lumbridge Furnace (after)
Draynor Manor Red/Basic decorative armour stand (POH)
The Entrance (before) The Entrance (after) Red Decorative armour stand (before) Basic Decorative armour stand (after)
Otherworldly beings Silver/Detailed decorative armour stand
Beings (before) Beings (after) Silver Decorative armour stand (before) Detailed Decorative armour stand (after)
Gold/Intricate decorative armour stand Iron rock (1)
Gold Decorative armour stand (before) Old iron rock Current iron rock
Chaos Temple (lvl. 38 Wilderness) (1) Chaos Temple (lvl. 38 Wilderness) (2)
Chaos Temple (before) Chaos Temple (after) Chaos Temple (before) Chaos Temple (after)
Large Geyser Kalphite Queen head
Large Geyser (before) Large Geyser (after) Kalphite Queen head (before) Kalphite Queen head (after))
Basilisk head Cockatrice head
Basilisk head old.png Basilisk head (after) Cockatrice head (before) Cockatrice head (after)
Kurask head Eastern Lumbridge's Goblin House (1)
Kurask head (before) Kurask head (after) Goblin House (before) Goblin House (after)
Eastern Lumbridge's Goblin House (2) Daemonheim
Goblin House (before) Goblin House (after) Daemonheim (before) Daemonheim (after)
Wilderness ditch (1) Gunnarsgrunn standard
Ditch (before) Ditch (after) standard (before) Standard (after)
Gunnarsgrunn Gunnarsgrunn Longhall
Barbarian village 2004.png Gunnarsgrunn (before) Barbarian Village (after) Longhall (before) Longhall (after)
Clan wars portals Fishing spot
Clan Wars portal(safe).png Redportal.png Free for all (safe portal).png Free for all (dangerous) portal.png Fishing spot.png Fishing spot.gif
ScapeRune prison (1) ScapeRune prison (2)
Prison Pete old.gif Prison Pete old2.png Prison Pete old2.png PrisonPete.png
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon entrance Lumbridge Swamps
Slayer Dungeon old.png Fremslayerdungounentrance.png Lumbridge swamps old.png Lumbridge swamp.png
Strong tree Duradel
Strong tree old.png Strong.png Duradel statue old.png Duradel statue.png
West Lumbridge swamp mining site East Lumbridge swamp mining site
West mine old.png Lumbridge south-west mine.png East mine old.png Lumbridge south-east mine.png
Lumbridge Swamp Caves entrance Eadgar's cave entrance
Lumby swamp cave old.png Lumbirge swamp cave.png Eadgar cave old.png Eadgar's cave.png
Draynor Village market Fremennik shipmaster's dock
Draynor market old.png Draynor market.png Shipmaster dock old.png Fremennik Shipmaster dock.png
Draynor Village bank Dionysius's house (before robbery)
Draynor bank old.png Draynor Bank.png Dionysius house old.png Dionysius prior to the bank robbery.png
Olivia's seed stall Tree stub
Seed stall old.png Draynor Seed Market.png Stub old.png Stub.png
Tree Oak tree
Tree old.png Tree.png Oak tree old.png Oak tree.png
Willow tree Yew tree
Willow tree old.png Willow tree.png Yew tree (Historical).png Yew.png
Maple tree Magic tree
Maple tree old.png Maple tree.png Magic tree old.png Magic tree.png
Rellekka docks Grand Exchange logo
Rellekka docks old.png Rellekka docks.png GE pillar.png Grand Exchange banner.png
Iron rock (2) Edgeville's bank logo
Iron rock old.png Iron rock.png Edgeville Bank logo old.png Edgeville Bank logo.png
Soul wars portal Draynor's bank logo
Soul wars old.png Soulportal.png Edgeville Bank logo old.png Draynor bank logo.png
Edgeville Edgeville
Edgeville old.png Edgeville.png Edgeville old2.png Edgeville2.png
Edgeville canoe station Edgeville canoe station
Edgeville canoe old2.png Edgeville canoe old.png Edgeville canoe old.png River Lum (Edgeville).png
Edgeville bank interior Edgeville bank exterior
Edgeville bank int old.png Edgeville Bank.png Edgeville bank ext old.png Edgeville Bank exterior.png
Edgeville General Store Jeffery's furnace
Edgeville gs old.png Edgeville General Store exterior.png Edgeville furnace old.png Edgeville Furnace.png
Grand Exchange centre Main Grand Exchange entrance
GE old.png Grand Exchange.png GE entrance old.png Grand Exchange entrance.png
Grand Exchange spirit tree Eastern Grand Exchange entrance
GE tree old.png Grand Exchange tree.png GE east old.png Grand Exchange eastern entrance.png
Grand Exchange trade pillar H.A.M. Hideout entrance (1)
GE pillar old.png Grand Exchange players.png H.A.M. old.png Ham hideout old.png
Lumbridge Catacombs entrance Musician at Lumbridge
Catacombs old.png Lumby Catacombs.png Lumusician old.png Lumbridge musician.png
Body altar ruins Air altar ruins
Body altar old.png Body Altar outside.png Air altar old.png Air Altar outside.png
Canifis Temple Trekking - Nail beasts
Canifis old.png Canifis landscape.png TempTrek Nailbeast.png Temple Trekking nail beasts.png
Temple Trekking - Swamp snakes Temple Trekking - Giant snails
Swamp snakes old.png TempTrek Swampsnake.png Giant snails old.png TempTrek Giantsnail.png
Temple Trekking - Juvinates Temple Trekking - Vyrewatch
Juvinates old.png TempTrek Juvinate.png Vyres old.png TempTrek Vyrewatch.png
Temple Trekking - Ghasts Temple Trekking - Shadows
Ghasts old.png TempTrek Ghasts.png Shadows old.png Temple Trek shades.png
Temple Trekking - Head & Tentacles Temple Trekking - Abidor Crank
Swamp monster old.png TempTrek SwampCreature.png Temple Trekking - Abidor Crank old.png TempTrek AbidorCrank.png
Temple Trekking - Broken bridge Temple Trekking - Bog
Bridge old.png TempTrek Bridge.png Bog old.png TempTrek Bog.png
Temple Trekking - Vine swing Temple Trekking - Campsite
TT vine old.png TempTrek River.png Campsite old.png TempTrek Campsite.png
Temple Trekking - Starting The Hollows
Temple Trekking start old.png Temple Trekking start.png The Hollows old.png The Hollows.png
Haunted Woods Burgh de Rott Woods
Haunted Woods old.png Haunted woods.png Hallowglade old.png Burgh de Rott Woods.png
Mort Myre Swamp Nature Grotto
Mort Myre old.png Mort Myre Swamp.png Nature Grotto old.png Nature Grotto.png
H.A.M. Hideout (2) Mind altar ruins
Ham hideout old.png H.A.M. hideout.png Mind altar old.png Mind Altar outside.png
Fred's house Lumbridge fishing spots
Fred house old.png Locations Lumbridge Farmerfred.png Lumbridge fishing spot old.png Locations Lumbridge Crayfishspot.png
Vyrewatch wings Lumbridge woodlands
Vyrewatch flying old.png Vyrewatch patrol.png Lumbridge forest old.png Lumbridge woodlands.png
Mill Lane Mill (1) Mill Lane Mill (2)
Windmill1.png Lumby windmill old.png Lumbridge Windmill (before) Lumbridge Windmill (after)
Mill Lane Mill (3) Evergreen
Windmill1 HD.png Mill Lane Mill.png Evergreen old.png Evergreen tree.png
Castle Drakan entrance Darkmeyer
Castle Drakan.png Castle Drakan entrance.png Darkmeyer houses.png Darkmeyer.png Darkmeyer NXT.png
Gap in Castle Drakan wall Safalaan's meeting point
Wall spikes.png Wall gap.png Vyrewatch patrol.png Safalaan's meeting point.png
Dragonkin statue Ring of stone
Dragonkin statue old.png Dragonkin-statue.png Ring of stone old.png Ring of Stone.png
Kharidian cactus (Healthy) Cactus (round)
https://runescape.wiki/images/archive/1/1e/20111101165502!Kharidian cactus (Healthy).png Kharidian cactus (Healthy).png Cactus old.png Cactus.png
Body altar ScapeRune
Body altar inside old.png Body Altar inside.png Historical Scaperune image.png Evil Bob1.png
Keldagrim entrance Draynor Sewers entrance
Keldagrim entrance old.png Keldagrim Entrance Wiki.png Draynor sewers old.png Draynor Sewers.png
Rogues' Den Southern Wilderness mining site
Rogues' den old.png Rogues' Den.png Southern Wilderness mine old.png Southern Wilderness mining site.png
Mage Arena entrance Lava Maze entrance
Mage Arena entrance old.png Mage Arena.png Lava Maze entrance old.png Lava Maze entrance.png
Pirates' Hideout interior Magic axe hut
Pirates' Hideout old.png Pirateshideoutinside.png Axe Hut old.png Magic axe hut.png
Dark Warriors' Fortress Dark Warriors' Fortress entrance
DWF old.png Dark Warriors' Fortress.png DWF entrance old.png Dark Warriors' Fortress entrance.png
Graveyard of Shadows entrance Wilderness North Volcano
Graveyard entrance old.png Graveyard of Shadows entrance.png North volcano old.png Volcano.png
Bounty Hunter crater Rogues' Castle
Crater old.png Wilderness Volcano entrance.png Rogues' Castle old.png Rogues' Castle.png
Scorpion Pit Deep Wilderness Dungeon entrance
Scorpion Pit old.png Scorpion Pit.png Deep Dungeon old.png WildyDungeon.png
Wilderness Agility Course Wilderness Agility Course
Agility course old.png Wilderness Agility course north.png Agility Course old2.png Wilderness Agility course end.png
Pirates' Ship Wilderness Agility Course entrance
Pirate ship old.png Pirateship.png Course entrance old.png Wilderness Agility course.png
Mage Arena Deserted Keep
Mage Arena old.png Mage Arena battlefield.png Deserted Keep old.png Deserted Keep.png
Red Dragon Isle Frozen Waste Plateau
Red Dragon Isle old.png Red Dragon Isle.png Frozen Waste Plateau old.png Ice Plateau.png
Wilderness Obelisk Lava Maze demons
Obelisk old.png Obelisk (Wilderness).png Demon cage old.png Demon cage.png
Clan Wars Free For All Arena ruins Wilderness Wall (2)
Clan wars.jpg Clan Wars ruins.png Wilderness wall old.png Wilderness wall.png
Rogues' Castle Rogues' Castle interior
Rogues' Castle old2.png Rogues' Castle.png Rogues interior old.png Rogues' Castle interior.png
Ruins (west) Ruins (west)
Ruins west old.png Ruins (west) 1.png Ruins west old2.png Ruins (west) 2.png
Dragonkin skeleton Camorra's grave
Dragonkin skeleton old.png Dragonkin skeleton.png Camorra's grave old.png Camorra's grave.png
Wilderness Bone Yard
Wilderness old.png Wilderness.png Bone Yard old.png Bone Yard current.png
Wilderness Lava Maze
Wasteland old.png Wilderness wasteland.png Lava Maze old.png Lava Maze.png
Wilderness ruins Wilderness woods
Ruins old.png Wilderness ruins.png Wilderness forest old.png Wilderness wood pathway.png
Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins Black Salamander hunting area
Dragonkin ruins old.png Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins.png Wilderness hunting area old.png Wilderness hunting area.png
End of River Lum River Lum oasis
Lum end old.png River Lum (End).png Oasis old.png Wilderness oasis.png
Wilderness spider hill Chaos Temple
Spider hill old.png Spider hill.png Chaos Temple old.png ChaosAltar.png
Wilderness Obelisk (level 50) Ruins (east)
Obelisk50 old.png Obelisk50.png Ruins east old.png Ruins (east) 2.png
Ruins (east) Bandit Camp entrance
Ruins east old2.png Ruins (east) 4.png Bandit Camp entrance old.png Bandit Camp (Wilderness) entrance.png
Ruins (west) (1) Ruins (west) (2)
Ruins west older.png Ruins west old3.png Ruins west old3.png Wilderness Ruins.png
Bandit Duty Free Tony's Pizza Bases
Bandit Duty Free old.png Bandit Duty Free exterior.png Tony's Pizza Bases old.png Tony's Pizza Bases exterior.png
Graveyard of Shadows Wilderness Obelisk (level 18)
Graveyard of Shadows old.png Graveyard of Shadows.png Obelisk18 old.png Obelisk18.png
Low level Wilderness Forgotten Cemetery
Low Wilderness old.png Low wilderness.png Forgotten Cemetary old.png Forgotten Cemetary.png
Demonic Ruins Lava-surrounded island
Demonic Ruins old.png Demonic Ruins.png Lava island old.png Lava island.png
Bandit Camp Wilderness Volcano
Bandit Camp old.png Bandit Camp.png Volcano old.png VolcanoCentre.png
Zanaris treehouse Musa Point shortcut
Fairy house old.png Fairy house.png Volcanoshortcut old.png Volcanoshortcut.png
Barrows entrance Barrows crypts
Barrows entrance old.png Barrows entrance.png Barrows crypts old.png Barrows crypts.png
Barrows mounds Ahrim the Blighted's tomb
Barrows old.png Barrows Scenery.png Ahrim's tomb old.png Ahrim's tomb.png
Barrows rewards chest Verac the Defiled and Akrisae
the Doomed
's tombs
Barrows chest old.png Barrows chest.png Akrisae's tomb old.png Verac's tomb.png
Barrows crypts Taverley
Barrows maze old.png Barrows maze.png Taverley old.png Taverley lower.png
Taverley (2) Uzer mining site
Taverley lower.png Taverley Market.png Uzer mine old.png Uzer mine.png
Taverley Taverley
Taverley east.png Taverley new.png Taverley south-east.png Taverley Farming Patch.png
Taverley house portal Heroes' Guild
Taverley house portal.png Taverleyportal.png Heroes' Guild old.png Heroes' Guild.png
Heroes' Guild interior Warriors' Guild
Heroes' Guild ground floor old.png Heroes ground.png Warriors' Guild old.png Warriors' Guild builiding.png
Burthorpe Burthorpe
Burthorpe (old).png Burthorpe.png Burthorpe north.png Burthorpe Houses.png
Burthorpe training grounds Burthorpe Castle
Burthorpe training grounds.png Burthorpe Training grounds.png Burthorpe castle.png Burthorpe Castle.png
Pikkupstix's Summoning Shop Taverley Dungeon entrance
Summoning Supplies old.png Pikkupstix's Summoning Shop exterior.png Taverley Dungeon entrance old.png Taverley Dungeon entrance.png
Camorra Hidden trapdoor
Camorra old.png Camorra statue.png Hidden trapdoor old.png Hidden trapdoor.png
Tzhaar City (1) TzHaar City (2)
TzHaar City old.png TzHaar old.png TzHaar old.png TzHaar City.png
TzHaar City entrance TzHaar City library
TzHaar entrance old.png TzHaar.png TzHaar library old.png TzTok-ket-Dill 2.png
TzHaar City nursery Three Tokkul Opera
TzHaar nursery old.png TzHaar eggs.png Three Tokkul Opera old.png TzHaar-Hur-Brekt play2.png
TzHaar egg Lava Furnace
TzHaar egg old.png TzHaar Egg.png Lava Furnace old.png Lava Furnace.png
TokTz-Ket-Dill start Bookcase with ashes
TokTz-Ket-Dill start old.png TokTz-Ket-Dill start.png https://runescape.wiki/images/archive/5/56/20120215162440!TokTz Ashes.png TokTz Ashes.png
TzHaar City mine Burthorpe Castle ground floor
TzHaar City mine old.png TzHaar City mine.png Burthorpe Castle ground floor old.png Burthorpe Castle ground floor.png
Burthorpe Castle first floor Dead tree
Burthorpe Castle 1st floor old.png Burthorpe Castle first floor.png Dead tree old.png Dead tree.png
Teak tree Mahogany tree
Teak old.png Teaktree.png Mahogany old.png Mahogany tree.png
Eucalyptus tree Achey tree
Eucalyptus old.png Eucalyptus Tree.png Achey tree old.png Achey tree.png
Arctic pine Gnome glider
Arctic pine old.pngArctic pine swaying.gif Arctic pine.png Gnome glider old.png Gnome glider.png
Swaying tree Golden Apple Tree
Swaying tree old.png Swaying tree.png Golden Apple tree old.png Golden Apple Tree.png
Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Gnome Stronghold
Gnome Stronghold old.png Gnome Stronghold.png Stronghold old2.png Tree Gnome Stronghold.png
Tree Gnome Stronghold entrance Gnome treehouse
Stronghold entrance old.png Tree gnome stronghold gate.png Gnome treehouse old.png Gnome treehouse.png
Gnome Stronghold Agility Course Gnome Stronghold Agility Course
Gnome Course old2.png Gnome Stronghold agility course.png Gnome Course old.png Gnome course south.png
Tree Gnome Stronghold swamp Gnomeball field
Stronghold swamp old.png Tree Gnome Stronghold swamp.png Gnomeball field old.png Gnome stronghold 7.png
Grand Tree Grand Tree entrance
Grand Tree old.png GrandTree.png Tree path old.png To the Tree.png
Blurberry's bar Grand Tree Mines
Blurberry's Bar old.png Blurberry's Bar.png Grand Tree Mine old.png Grand Tree mine.png
Tree Gnome Village Tree Gnome Village
Tree Gnome Village old.png Tree Gnome Village.png Village tree old.png Tree Gnome Village tree.png
Tree Gnome Village entrance Gnome Maze
Village entrance old.png Tree Gnome Village entrance.png Gnome Maze old.png Gnome Maze.png
Battlefield Rimmington house portal
Battlefield old.png Gnome Battlefield.png House portal old.png POH portal.png
King black dragon head
King Black Dragon heads (mounted) chatheads old.png King Black Dragon head (mounted).png
Ourania Altar
Ourania Altar old.png Ourania.png
TzTok Jad statue
TzTok Jad statue old.png Basic TzTok-Jad statue.png
Rimmington old.png Rimmington view.png
Rimmington old2.png Rimmingtoncentre.png
Rimmington Mine
Rimmington Quarry old.png Rimmington mine.png
Rimmington shore
Rimmington shore old.png Rimmington coast.png
Rommik's Crafty Supplies
Rommik's Crafty Supplies old.png Rommik's Crafty Supplies interior.png
Hetty 's house
Hetty's house old.png Witch's Potion.png
Paterdomus old.png Paterdomus Entrance.png
Dwarven mines
Dwarven Mine old.png Dwarven mines south.png
Dwarven mines
Dwarven Mine old2.png Dwarven mines north.png
Altar (Cosmic)
Cosmic altar old.png Cosmic Altar outside.png
Mysterious statue (Tower of Life)
Mysterious statue.png Mysterious statue new.png
Carnillean family 's kitchen
Carnillean kitchen old.png Carnillean kitchen.png
Altar (Nature) (1)
Nature altar old2.png Nature altar old.png
Altar (Nature) (2)
Nature altar old.png Nature Altar outside.png
Altar (Death)
Death altar old.png Death Altar outside.png
Altar (Air)
Air altar old2.png Air Altar inside.png
Troll Invasion Cave
Troll Invasion Cave old.png Troll invasion cave.png
Taverley Mine
Taverley Mine old.png Burthorpe mine.png
Taverley Slayer Dungeon
Taverley Slayer Dungeon old.png Taverley Slayer Dungeon.png
Gem rock
Gem rock old.png Gem Rock.png
God Wars Dungeon
God Wars Dungeon old.png God Wars Dungeon.png
God Wars Dungeon
God Wars Dungeon old2.png God Wars Dungeon centre.png
God Wars Dungeon entrance
GWD entrance old.png GWD Entrance.png
Icy river
GWD river old.png God Wars Dungeon icy water.png
Frozen door
Frozen door old.png God wars dungeon frozen door.png
Armadyl's Eyrie entrance
Armadyl's Eyrie entrance old.png Eyrie entrance.png
Armadyl's Eyrie
Armadyl's Eyrie old.png Armadyl's Eyrie.png
Ancient Prison
Ancient Prison old.png Ancient Prison.png
Ancient Prison bank
GWD bank old.png Ancient Prison bank.png
Bandos's Stronghold
Bandos's Stronghold old.png Bandos' Stronghold.png
Saradomin's Encampment
Saradomin's Encampment old.png Saradomin's Encampment.png
Zamorak's Fortress
Zamorak's Fortress old.png Zamorak's Fortress.png
Nex 's chamber
Nex room old.png Nex's chamber.png
Commander Zilyana 's chamber
Zilyana room old.png Zilyana boss room.png
K'ril Tsutsaroth 's chamber
K'ril room old.png K'ril boss room.png
Kree'arra 's chamber
Kree room old.png Kree'arra boss room.png
Saradomin altar (GWD)
Saradomin altar old.png Saradomin altar.png
Armadyl altar (GWD)
Armadyl altar old.png Armadyl altar.png
Bandos altar (GWD)
Bandos altar old.png Bandos altar.png
Zamorak altar (GWD)
Zamorak altar old.png Zamorak altar.png
Al Kharid Palace (1)
Al Kharid Palace old.png Al Kharid Palace old2.png
Al Kharid Palace (2)
Al Kharid Palace old2.png Al Kharid palace.png
Shantay Pass (1)
Shantay Pass old3.png Shantay Pass old.png
Shantay Pass (2)
Shantay Pass old.png Shantay Pass old2.png
Shantay Pass (3)
Shantay Pass old2.png Al Kharid mine.png
Al Kharid entrance (1)
Toll gate old.png Al Kharid entrance old.png
Al Kharid Al Kharid mine.png
Al Kharid entrance old.png Al Kharid entrance.png
Al Kharid oasis
Desert oasis old.png Al Kharid Desert.png
Al Kharid
Al Kharid old.png Al Kharid.png
Al Kharid centre (1)
Al Kharid centre old2.png Al Kharid centre old.png
Al Kharid centre (2)
Al Kharid centre old.png Al Kharid centre.png
Al Kharid market
Al Kharid market old.png Al Kharid market.png
Al Kharid northern entrance
Al Kharid north old.png Al Kharid north.png
Al Kharid first view
Al Kharid enter old.png Entering Al Kharid.png
Al Kharid Mine
Al Kharid mining site old.png Al Kharid mine.png
Al Kharid Palace ground floor (1)
Al Kharid Palace interior old2.png Al Kharid Palace interior old.png
Al Kharid Palace ground floor (2)
Al Kharid Palace interior old.png Hassan in Palace.png
Al Kharid bank
Al Kharid bank old.png Al Kharid bank.png
Al Kharid General Store
Al Kharid General Store old.png Al Kharid General Store exterior.png
Dommik's Crafting Store
Dommik's Crafting Store old.png Dommik's Crafting Store exterior.png
Faruq's Tools for Games
Faruq's Tools for Games old.png Faruq's Tools for Games.png
Gem trader
Gem trader stall old.png Gem trader (stall).png
Zeke's Superior Scimitars
Zeke's Superior Scimitars old.png Zeke's Superior Scimitars exterior.png
Ranael's Super Skirt Store
Ranael's Super Skirt Store old.png Ranael's Super Skirt Store exterior.png
Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar
Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar old.png Al Kharid mine.png
Sorceress 's house
Sorceress's house old.png Sorceress's house.png
Uzer old.png Uzer.png
Kalphite Hive entrance
Kalphite Hive entrance old.png Kalphite Hive entrance.png
Kalphite Hive
Kalphite Hive old.png Kalphite Hive.png
Kalphite Hive shortcut
Kalphite Hive shortcut old.png Kalphite Hive to Dorgesh-Kaan.png
Kalphite Queen 's hole
Kalphite Hive hole old.png Kalphite hole.png
Glod 's cloud
Cloud old.png Cloudland.png
Brimhaven Dungeon
Brimhaven Dungeon entrance old.png Brimhaven dungeon entrance.png
Brimhaven Dungeon
Brimhaven Dungeon old.png Brimhaven Dungeon.png
Brimhaven Dungeon
Brimhaven Dungeon log balance old.png Log Balance.png
Brimhaven Dungeon
Brimhaven Dungeon old2.png Brimhaven Dungeon levels.png
Brimhaven Dungeon
Brimhaven Dungeon old3.png Brimhaven Dungeon demons.png
King Black Dragon's Lair (2)
King Black Dragon Lair old.png KBD lair.png
Chaos Tunnels (dust devils and black demons)
Chaos Tunnels old.png Chaos Tunnels.png
Chaos Tunnels (fire & moss giants and Zamorakians)
Chaos Tunnels old2.png Chaos Tunnels 2.png
Chaos Tunnels (waterfiends, dagannoth, turoth & nechryael)
Chaos Tunnels old7.png Chaos Tunnels 3.png
Chaos Tunnels (infernal mages)
Chaos Tunnels old4.png Infernal mages.png
Chaos Tunnels (deadly red spiders)
Chaos Tunnels old5.png Deadly red spider nest.png
Chaos Tunnels (skeletons, zombies and possessed pickaxes)
Chaos Tunnels old6.png Chaos Tunnels undead.png
Chaos Tunnels (cave bugs)
Chaos Tunnels old3.png Cave bugs.png
Bork 's Lair
Bork's Lair old.png Bork's Lair.png
Stone circle (1)
Stone circle old2.png Stone circle old.png
Stone circle (2)
Stone circle old.png Taverley stone circle.png
Legends' Guild
Legends' Guild old.png Legend's guild top view.png
Lumbridge Castle gatehouse
Lumbridge gatehouse old.png Gatehouse.png
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon cave crawlers
Cave crawlers (Historical).png Cave crawlers (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon pyrefiends
Pyrefiends (Historical).png Pyrefiends (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon cockatrices
Cockatrices (Historical).png Cockatrices (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon basislisks
Basilisks (Historical).png Basilisks (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon kurask
Kurasks (Historical).png Kurasks (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon aquanites
Aquanites (Historical).png Aquanites (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Taverley entrance (1)
Taverley entrance old2.png Taverley entrance.png
Taverley entrance (2)
Taverley entrance.png Taverley entrance old.png
Taverley entrance (3)
Taverley entrance old.png Taverley gate.png
Isafdar old.png Elvenscapeisafdar.png
Lletya entrance
Lletya entrance old.png Gates.png
My Arm 's patches
My Arm's patches old.png My arm's patches.png
Doric's hut
Doric's hut old.png Doric's hut.png
Captured Temple
Captured Temple old.png Chaos temple.png
Captured Temple interior
Captured Temple interior old.png Chaos Temple (Asgarnia) interior.png
Zamorak statue
Zamorak statue old.png Zamorak Chaos temple statue.png
Mort Myre Swamp entrance
Mort Myre gate old.png SwampEntrance.png
Goblin Village entrance
Goblin Village entrance old.png Goblin Village entrance.png
Goblin Village
Goblin Village old.png Goblin Village.png
Stubthumb 's post
Stubthumb beacon old.png Stubthumb's post.png
Taverley Dungeon (1)
Taverley Dungeon inside old.png Taverley Dungeon old.png
Taverley Dungeon (2)
Taverley Dungeon old.png Inside Taverley Dungeon.png
Taverley Dungeon
Taverley Dungeon old2.png Cauldron of Thunder.png
Taverley Dungeon
Taverley Dungeon old3.png Chaos druids.png
Taverley Dungeon
Taverley Dungeon old4.png Magic axes.png
Taverley Dungeon
Taverley Dungeon old5.png Taverley Dungeon lava.png
Taverley Dungeon
Taverley Dungeon old6.png Taverley dragons.png
Taverley Dungeon
Taverley Dungeon old7.png Hellhounds Taverley.png
Taverley Dungeon
Taverley Dungeon old8.png Taverley Dungeon end.png
Black Knights' Base
Kinshra Base old.png Black Knight base.png
Black Knights' Base
Kinshra Base old2.png Black Knights Base.png
Black Knights' Base
Kinshra Base old3.png Kinshra dorms.png
Black Knights' Base
Kinshra Base old4.png Kinshra Jail.png
Black Knights' Base
Kinshra Base old5.png Lord Daquarius Rennard.png
Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Lumbridge Swamp Caves old.png Lumbridge Swamp Caves.png
Lumbridge Swamp Caves entrance
Lumbridge Swamp Caves entrance old.png Lumbridge Swamp Caves entrance.png
Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Lumbridge Swamp Caves tunnel old.png Lumbridge Swamp Caves tunnel.png
Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Lumbridge Swamp Caves old2.png Lumbridge Swamp Caves2.png
Tears of Guthix Cavern
Tears of Guthix Cavern old.png Tears of Guthix Cavern.png
Tears of Guthix
Tears of Guthix old.png TOG cave.png
Magic stone mine
Magic Stone Mine old.png Magic stone mine.png
Dorgeshuun Tunnels
Dorgeshuun Tunnel old.png Dorgeshuun Tunnel.png
Dorgeshuun Mine
Dorgeshuun Mine old.png Dorgesh-Kaan mine.png
Nardok's Bone Weapons
Nardok's Bony Weapons old.png Nardok's Bone Weapons.png
Dorgesh-Kaan entrance
Dorgesh-Kaan entrance old.png Dorgesh-Kaan entrance.png
Wizards' Tower
Wizards' Tower old.png Wizards' Tower.png
Wizards' Tower bridge
Tower bridge old.png Wizards' Tower bridge.png
Wizards' Tower ground floor
Wizards' Tower ground floor old.png Wizards' Tower Library.png
Wizards' Tower first floor
Wizards' Tower first floor old.png Wizards' Tower First Floor.png
Wizards' Tower second floor
Wizards' Tower second floor old.png Wizards' Tower second floor.png
Runecrafting Guild
Runecrafting Guild old.png Runecrafting guild view.png
Runecrafting Guild
Runecrafting Guild old2.png Runecrafting Guild.png
Grand Tree Tunnels
Grand Tree Tunnels old.png Grand Tree Tunnels.png
Quarry old.png Desert Quarry.png
Slayer Tower
Slayer Tower old.png Slayer tower building.png
Slayer Tower entrance
Slayer Tower entrance old.png Slayer Tower Entrance.png
Slayer Tower interior
Slayer Tower interior old.png Slayer Tower overhead.png
Slayer Tower banshees
Banshees old.png Slayer Tower Banshees.png
Slayer Tower infernal magi
Infernal magi old.png Infernal mages2.png
Slayer Tower abyssal demons
Abyssal demons old.png Abyssal demons.png
Slayer Tower ghouls
Ghouls old.png Ghouls location old.png
Silvarea Quarry
Silvarea Limestone Quarry old.png Silvarea mining site.png
Port Sarim chapel
Port Sarim church old.png Portsarim church.png
Edgeville Monastery
Monastery old.png Edgeville Monastery entrance.png
Runite rock
Runite rock old.png Runite rock.png
Lumbridge (1)
Lumbridge old.png Lumbridge Old.png
Lumbridge (2)
Lumbridge Old.png Lumbridge River Lum old.png
Lumbridge (3)
Lumbridge River Lum old.png River Lum (Lumbridge).png
Roddeck 's house
Roddeck's house old.png Roddecks House.png
Altar (Water) (1)
Water altar old2.png Water altar old.png
Altar (Water) (2)
Water altar old.png Water Altar outside.png
Gaius's Two-Handed Shop (1)
Gaius's Two-Handed Shop old2.png Gaius' Two-Handed Shop old.png
Gaius's Two-Handed Shop (2)
Gaius' Two-Handed Shop old.png Gaius's Two-Handed Shop exterior.png
Rellekka entrance
Rellekka entrance old.png Rellekka entrance.png
Handelmort Mansion
Handelmort Mansion old.png Handelmort mansion.png
Ardougne chuch
Ardougne church old.png East Ardougne church.png
Carnillean mansion
Carnillean mansion old.png Carnillean Mansion.png
Ardougne Castle
Ardougne Castle old.png Ardougne Castle.png
Fishing Guild entrance
Fishing Guild old.png Fishing Guild.png
Evil Dave 's house (1)
Evil Dave's house old.png Doris house old.png
Evil Dave 's house (2)
Doris house old.png Evil Dave's house.png
Oziach's Armour (1)
Oziach's Armour old2.png Oziach's Armour old.png
Oziach's Armour (2)
Oziach's Armour old.png Oziach's Armour exterior.png
Paddewwa ruins (1)
Edgeville ruins old2.png Edgeville ruins old.png
Paddewwa ruins (2)
Edgeville ruins old.png Edgeville trees.png
Battlefield old2.png Khazard Battlefield.png
TzHaar Fight Pits waiting room
Fight Pit waiting room old.png Fight pits.png
Water graphics (1)
Water graphics old2.png Water graphics old.png
Water graphics (2)
Water graphics old.png Water graphics current.png
Castle Wars
Castle Wars old.png CastleWarsbanner.png
Castle Wars lobby
Castle Wars lobby old.png Castle wars lobby.png
Castle Wars Zamorakian castle
Zamorak castle old.png Castle Wars Zamorakian castle.png
Castle Wars Saradominist castle
Saradomin castle old.png Saradomin fort aerial.png
Castle Wars waiting room
Castle Wars waiting room old.png Castle Wars waiting room.png
Castle Wars dungeon
Castle Wars dungeon old.png Castle Wars dungeon.png
Castle Wars centre
Castle Wars island old.png Castle Wars middle.png
Castle Wars scoreboard
Castle Wars scoreboard old.png CW-Scoreboard.png
Castle Wars banners
Castle Wars flags old.png Castle Wars flag (Zamorak).pngCastle Wars flag (Saradomin).png
Castle Wars catapult (1)
Catapult old.png Catapult old2.png
Castle Wars catapult (2)
Catapult old2.png Zamorakian catapult.png
Duel Arena entrance (1)
Duel Arena old.png Duel Arena entrance old.png
Duel Arena entrance (2)
Duel Arena entrance old.png Duel Arena entrance.png
Duel Arena
Duel Arena old2.png Duel Arena.png
Duel Arena
Duel Arena old3.png Duel Arena Obstacles.png
Duel Arena banners
Duel Arena banners old.png The Duel Arena entrance banners.png
Duel Arena hospital
Duel Arena hospital old.png Duel Arena hospital.png
Shop of Distaste
Shop of Distaste old.png Shop of Distaste.png
Falador Farm
Falador Farm old.png Falador Farm.png
Falador Farm cabbage patch
Cabbage patch old.png Falador cabbage patch.png
Falador Farm pig pen
Pig pen old.png Pig pen.png
Black Knights' Fortress
Black Knights' Fortress old.png Ice Mountain north.png
Black Knights' Fortress torture room
Black Knights' Fortress torture old.png Black Knights' Fortress torture room.png
Black Knights' Fortress altar
Black Knights' Fortress altar historical.png Black Knights' Fortress altar.png
Black Knights' Fortress storeroom
Black Knights' Fortress storeroom.png Black Knights' Fortress treasure room.png
Black Knights' Fortress dining hall
Hd Black Knights' Fortress.png Black Knights' Fortress dining hall.png
Clan Camp
Clan camp old.png The Clan Camp.png