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Skill screen (Click to enlarge.)

Skill screen old1.png Skill screen old2.gif Skill screen old3.jpg Skill screen old4.png Skill screen old5.gif Skill screen old6.png Skill screen old7.png Skill screen old8.png Skill screen old9.png Skill screen 2006 orange.png Skill screen old9.png Skill screen old10.png Skill screen old11.gif Skill screen old12.png Skill screen old13.png Skill screen old14.png Skill screen old15.png Skill screen old16.png Skill screen old17.png Skill screen old18.png Skill screen old19.png Skill screen old20.png Skill screen old21.png Skill screen old22.png Skill screen.png

Level Up

Level up interface old1.png Level up interface old2.png Level up interface old3.png Level up interface old4.png Level up interface.png

Lunar Spells

Lunar spells interface old1.png Lunar spells interface old2.png Lunar spells interface.png

Prayer interface

Prayer interface old1.png Prayer interface old2.png Prayer interface old3.png Prayer interface old4.png Prayer interface old5.png Prayer interface old6.png Prayer interface old7.png Prayer interface.png

Ancient Curses

Ancient Curses interface old1.png Ancient Curses interface old2.png Ancient Curses interface old3.png Ancient Curses interface old4.png Ancient Curses interface.png

Friends List

Friends List interface old1.png Friends List interface old2.png Friends List interface old3.png Friends List interface old4.png Friends List interface old5.png Friends List interface old6.png Friends List interface.png

Worn Equipment

Worn equipment interface old1.png Worn equipment interface old2.png Worn equipment interface old3.png Worn equipment interface old4.png Worn equipment interface old5.png Worn equipment interface old6.png Worn equipment interface old7.png Worn equipment interface old8.png Worn equipment interface old9.png Worn equipment interface.png

Equipment Stats

Combat Stats interface old1.png Combat Stats interface old2.png Combat Stats interface old3.png Combat Stats interface old4.png Combat Stats interface old5.png Combat Stats interface old6.png Combat Stats interface old7.png Combat Stats interface old8.png Combat Stats interface old9.png Combat Stats interface old10.png Hero (Loadout) interface.png

Game options

Options menu old0.gif Options menu old1.png Options menu old2.png Options menu old3.png Options menu old4.png Options menu old5.jpg Options menu old6.png Options menu old7.png Options menu old8.png Options menu old9.png Options menu old10.png Options menu.png

Music Player

Music interface old1.png Music interface old2.png Music interface old3.png Music interface old4.png Music interface old5.png Music interface old6.png Music interface old7.png Music interface.png

Combat styles

Combat styles interface old1.png Combat styles interface old2.png Combat styles interface old3.png Combat styles interface old4.png Combat styles interface old5.png Combat styles interface.png

Castle Wars Ticket Exchange

Castle Wars Ticket Exchange old1.png Castle Wars Ticket Exchange old2.png Castle Wars Ticket Exchange old3.png Castle Wars Ticket Exchange old4.png Castle Wars Ticket Exchange (Decorative Armour) interface.png

Managing Miscellania collect screen

Managing Miscellania reward old1.png Managing Miscellania reward old2.png Managing Miscellania reward.png

Walk here

Walk here old1.png Walk here old2.png Walk here old3.png Walk here old4.png Walk here.png


Chatbox old1.png Chatbox old2.png Chatbox old3.png Chatbox old4.png Chatbox old5.png Chatbox old6.png Chatbox old7.png Chatbox old8.png Chatbox.png

Accept Aid

Accept aid toggle button old1.png Accept aid toggle button old2.png Accept aid toggle button.png

Shop interface

Shop interface old1.png Shop interface old2.png Shop interface old3.png Shop interface old4.png Shop interface old5.png Rasolo the Wandering Merchant stock.png


Autocast old1.png Autocast old2.png Autocast old3.png Autocast old4.png Autocast.png

Lamp interface

Lamp interface old1.png Lamp interface old2.png Lamp interface old3.png Lamp interface old4.png Lamp interface old5.png Lamp interface old6.png Lamp interface old7.png Lamp interface old8.png Lamp interface.png

Sandwich lady's food

Sandwich lady food selection old.png Sandwich lady food selection.png

Sandwich lady's snacks' help key

Sandwich lady food menu old.png Sandwich lady food menu.png

Standard Spellbook

Good magic spells old.png Evil magic spells old.png Classic spells merged1.png Classic spells merged2.png Standard spells old1.png Standard spells old2.png Standard spells old3.png Standard spells old4.png Standard spells.png

Teleport Block icon old1.png Teleport Block icon old2.png Teleport Block icon.png
Grand Exchange interface

Grand Exchange interface old1.png Grand Exchange interface old2.png Grand Exchange interface.png

Trade window

Trade window old1.png Trade window old2.png Trade window old3.png Trade window old4.png Trade window old5.png Trade window old6.png Trading interface.png

Welcome screen

Welcome message old1.png Welcome message old2.png Welcome message old3.png

RuneScape Lobby
RuneScape Lobby old1.png RuneScape Lobby old2.png RuneScape Lobby.png
Login screen

2001 login screen.png Login server old1.png Login server old2.png Login server old3.png Login server old4.png Login server old5.png Login server old6.png Login server old8.png Login server old9.png Login server old10.png Login server old11.png Login server old12.png Login server old14.png Login server old15.png Login server old16.png Login server old17.png Login server old18.png Login server old19.png Login server old20.png Login server old21.png Login server old22.png Login server old23.png Login server.png

Animated login screen

Login server animated.png Login server animated2.png Login server animated3.png Login server animated4.png

Pre-login loading process (incomplete)
Original loading screen.png RSC loading screen.png Loading fonts.png One of the variants with Ozan One of the variants with To'Kash. Pre log-in loading process 11-2011.png
Assist system screen

Assist system old1.png Assist system old2.png Assist system.png

Impetuous Impulses interface

Impetuous Impulses interface old1.png Impetuous Impulses interface old2.png Impetuous Impulses interface old3.png Impetuous Impulses interface.png

Treasure Trail reward

Treasure trail reward interface old.png Treasure trail reward interface.png

Various cursors

Old Cursors.png Woodcutting cursor.png Crafting cursor.png Smithing cursor.png Mining cursor.png Cooking cursor.png Firemaking cursor.png

Advanced graphic options

20080805122426!Settings_(Graphics)_interface.png 20081015193621!Settings_(Graphics)_interface.png 20090905135233!Settings_(Graphics)_interface.png

20100202204154!Settings_(Graphics)_interface.png 20100208184457!Settings_(Graphics)_interface.png 20100304235610!Settings_(Graphics)_interface.png


20101124180523!OptionsMain.png 20101124175514!Settings_(Graphics)_interface.png OptionsMain.png Settings (Graphics) interface.png (incomplete)

Runescape website 2001.png Runescape website 2002.png Runescape website 2003.png Summoning mainpage.png Runescape Homepage - Mobilising Armies.png Homepage nov2010.png RuneScape homepage.png


Hitsplat old1.png Hitsplat old2.png Hitsplat old3.png Hitsplat old4.png Hitsplat old5.png Hitsplat.png

Auto attack hitplats

Auto-attack melee hitsplat old1.pngAuto-attack magic hitsplat old1.pngAuto-attack ranged hitsplat old1.png Auto-attack melee hitsplat.pngAuto-attack magic hitsplat.pngAuto-attack ranged hitsplat.png

Ability hitsplats

Melee ability hitsplat old1.pngMagic ability hitsplat old1.pngRanged ability hitsplat old1.png Melee ability hitsplat.pngMagic ability hitsplat.pngRanged ability hitsplat.png


Critical melee hitsplat old1.pngCritical magic hitsplat old1.pngCritical ranged hitsplat old1.png Critical melee hitsplat.pngCritical magic hitsplat.pngCritical ranged hitsplat.png

Zero hit

Blocked hitsplat old1.png Blocked hitsplat old2.png Blocked hitsplat old3.png Blocked hitsplat old4.png Blocked hitsplat old5.png Blocked hitsplat.png

Poison hit

Poison hitsplat old1.png Poison hitsplat old2.png Poison hitsplat old3.png Poison hitsplat.png

Disease hitsplat

Disease hitsplat old1.png Disease hitsplat old2.png Disease hitsplat old3.png Disease hitsplat.png

Healing hitsplat

Healing hitsplat old1.png Healing hitsplat old2.png Healing hitsplat old3.png Healing hitsplat old4.png Healing hitsplat.png

Absorption hitsplat old1.png Absorption hitsplat old2.png Absorption hitsplat.png

Misc. Hitsplats

Cannon hitsplat old1.pngDeflect hitsplat old1.png Cannon hitsplat.pngDeflect hitsplat.png

General store
Generalstoreicon.png General store map icon.png
Slayer master

Slayer master old.png Slayermasternew.png 20120117151938!Slayer_master_map_icon.png Slayer master map icon.png

Holiday event
Holidayevent old.png Seasonal activity map icon.png
Emote interface (incomplete - needs all emotes)
07emotes.pngEmote screen old.png Emote interface.png
Grand Exchange map
GE map old.png Grand Exchange map.png
Report abuse screen
RSC report abuse screen.png Report Abuse old.png Report step 1.png Report Abuse.png
Loyalty Programme Shop
Loyalty Programme Shop interface.png Loyalty shop.png
Stealing Creation rewards

Stealing Creation Reward Shop old1.png Stealing Creation Reward Shop old2.png Stealing Creation Reward Shop old3.png Stealing Creation Reward Shop old4.png Stealing Creation Reward Shop interface.png

RuneScape logo

Early RS logo.png Runescape logo 2002.png Runescape logo 2003.png RS logo old.png RS logo old2.png RS logo old3.png RuneScapeLogo.png RuneScape 3 Logo old1.png RuneScape 3 Logo.png

Tool Leprechaun storage
Farming store Leprechaun.png Farming Store interface.png
Adventurer's Log
Adventurer's Log old1.png Adventurer's Log old2.png Adventurer's Log old3.png Adventurer's Log old4.png Adventurer's Log old5.png Adventurer's Log old6.png Adventurer's Log.png
Hiscores (incomplete)

Runescape hiscores November 2001.jpg Runescape highscores 2002.png Runescape highscores 2003.png Hiscores January 11 2011.png Hiscores.png

RuneScape Forums search
Search old.png ForumsSearch.png
Forums message preview
Preview old.png ForumsPreview.png
Grand Exchange Database
Grand Exchange Database interface.png
Quest icon
20090322204144!Quest_map_icon.png 20120131231038!Quest_map_icon.png 20140311143909!Quest_map_icon.png 20140311195624!Quest_map_icon.png Quest map icon.png
Bonus xp
20120116214348!Bonus_experience_counter.png Bonus experience counter.png
Special attack bar
20120116181902!Special_attack.png Special attack.png
Auto Retaliate

Auto-retaliate old1.png Auto-retaliate old2.png Auto-retaliate.png

XP Counter
20111127013131!XP_Counter.png XP Counter.png
Quest reward screen

Druidic Ritual reward (historical).png Druidic Ritual reward.png

RSC taverley.png Taverley map old.png Taverley map.png
Burthorpe (incomplete)
Burthorpe map (historical).png Burthorpe map.png
Ring of stone, bone brooch & easter ring
20091220013030!Ring_of_Stone_interface.png Ring of Stone interface.png Easter ring interface.png Bone Brooch interface.png
Runecrafting altar map
20120325124542!Rune_Altar_Map.png Rune Altar Map.png
Corporeal Beast warning
CB warning.gif Corp Warning.png