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A[edit | edit source]

Abyssal demon head (mounted) Abyssal minion
Abyssal demon head (mounted) chathead old.png Abyssal demon chathead.png Abyssal minion chathead old.png Abyssal minion chathead.png
Agrith Naar Ashuelot Reis
Agrith Naar chathead old.png Agrith Naar chathead.png Ashuelot chathead old.png Ashuelot Reis chathead.png

B[edit | edit source]

Baby basilisk Baby kurask
Baby basilisk chathead old.png Baby basilisk chathead.png Baby kurask chathead old.png Baby kurask chathead.png
Black dragon hatchling Baby black dragon
Black dragon hatchling chathead old.png Hatchling dragon (black) chathead.png Baby black dragon chathead old.png Baby dragon (black) chathead.png
Blue dragon hatchling Baby blue dragon
Hatchling dragon (blue) chathead old.png Hatchling dragon (blue) chathead.png Baby blue dragon chathead old.png Baby dragon (blue) chathead.png
Basilisk head (mounted) Bellemorde
Basilisk mounted chathead old.png Mounted basilisk chathead.png Bellemorde chathead old.png Bellemorde chathead.png
Bob the cat Brassica Prime
Bob Old.png Bob chathead.png Brassica chathead old.png Brassica Prime chathead.png

C[edit | edit source]

Camel Centaur
Camel chathead old.png Camel chathead old2.png Al the Camel chathead.png Centaur chathead old.png Centaur chathead female.png
Charming imp Clay golem
Charming imp chathead old.png Charming imp chathead.png Golem chathead old.png Clay golem chathead.png
Cow (1) Cow (2)
Cow Chat.png Cow chathead old.png Cow chathead old.png Cow chathead.png

D[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Damien
Sergeant Damien chathead old.png Sergeant Damien chathead.png

E[edit | edit source]

Easter Bunny Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny 2006 chathead.png Easter Bunny 2007 chathead.png Easter Bunny 2009 chathead.png Easter Bunny 2009 chathead.png Easter Bunny chathead.png
Eir Echned Zekin
Eir chathead old.png Eir chathead.png Echned chathead old.png Echned Zekin chathead.png

F[edit | edit source]

Fiara Filliman Tarlock
Fiara chathead old.png Fiara chathead.png Filliman Old.png Filliman Tarlock chathead.png
Fruit bat
Fruit bat chathead old.png Fruit bat chathead.png

G[edit | edit source]

Gatekeeper Goth leprechaun
Mindslayer old.png Gatekeeper chathead.png Goth Leprechaun chathead.png Goth leprechaun chathead.png
Green dragon hatchling Baby green dragon
Hatchling dragon (green) chathead.png Hatchling dragon (green) chathead.png Baby green dragon chathead old.png Baby dragon (green) chathead.png
Guardian mummy
Guardian mummy chathead old.png Guardian mummy chathead old2.png Mummy chathead.png

H[edit | edit source]

Harold Death Esquire
Grim Reaper chathead.png Death chathead.png

I[edit | edit source]

Imp chathead old.png Banner carrier chathead old.png Imp chathead old2.png
Imp Irksol
Imp chathead old2.png Imp chathead.png Irksol chatchead old.png Irksol chathead.png
Irvig Senay Incomitatus
Irvig Senay chathead old.png Irvig Senay chathead.png Incomitatus chathead.png Spirit tree (Incomitatus) chathead.png

J[edit | edit source]

Juna chathead old.png Juna chathead.png

K[edit | edit source]

KBD heads (mounted) Kalphite Queen head (mounted)
King Black Dragon heads (mounted) chatheads old.png King Black Dragon head (mounted) chathead.png Kalphite Queen (mounted) chathead old.png Kalphite Queen head (mounted) chathead.png
King Black Dragon Kurask head (mounted)
King Black Dragon chathead old.png King Black Dragon chathead.png Kurask head (mounted) chathead old.png Mounted kurask chathead.png

L[edit | edit source]

Leprechaun Larry
Larry Old.png Tool Leprechaun (Larry) chathead.png

M[edit | edit source]

Mazchna Mr Mordaut
Mazchna chathead old.png Mazchna chathead.png Mr. Mordaut chathead old.png Mr Mordaut chathead.png
Mother Mallum Mourner
Mothermallum.png Mother Mallum chathead.png Gas mask chathead old1.png Gas mask chathead.png

N[edit | edit source]

Neite Nirrie
Neite chathead old.png Neite chathead.png Nirrie chathead old.png Tirrie chathead.png

O[edit | edit source]

Ork chathead old.png Ork chathead.png

P[edit | edit source]

Postie Pete Pyrelord
Postie Pete chathead old.png Postie Pete chathead.png Pyrelord chathead old.png Pyrelord chathead.png

Q[edit | edit source]

Queen of Snow
Snow Queen.gif Queen of Snow chathead old.png Queen of Snow chathead.png

R[edit | edit source]

Rashiliyia Ranalph Devere
Rashiliya chathead old.png Rashiliyia chathead.png Ranalph Devere chathead old.png Ranalph Devere chathead.png
Red dragon hatchling Baby red dragon
Hatchling dragon (red) chathead old.png Hatchling dragon (red) chathead.png Baby red dragon chathead old.png Baby dragon (red) chathead.png

S[edit | edit source]

Safalaan Hallow Sakirth
Safalaan chathead old.png Safalaan chathead.png Sakirth chathead (2008).png Sakirth chathead.png
San Tojalon Scout (Falador)
San Tojalon chathead old.png San Tojalon chathead old2.png San Tojalon chathead.png Scout (Falador) chathead old.png Scout (Falador) chathead.png
Shadowy figure Shamus
Shadowy figure chat old.png Shadowy figure chathead.png Shamus old.png Shamus chathead.png
Sheep Sithaph
Sheep chathead old.png Sheep chathead.png Sithaph chathead (2008).png Sithaph chathead.png
Smoke devil Snow imp
Smoke devil chathead old.png Smoke devil chathead.png Snow imp (2007 Christmas event) chathead.png Snow imp chathead.png
Spirit jelly Spirit kalphite
Spirit jelly chathead old.png Spirit jelly chathead.png Spirit kalphite chathead old.png Spirit kalphite chathead.png
Sphinx Spirit scorpion
Old Sphinx chathead.png Sphinx chathead.png Spirit scorpion chathead old.png Spirit scorpion chathead.png
Spirit tree (old) Spirit tree (young) (1)
Spirit tree chat big.png Spirit Tree (Prifddinas) chathead.png Spirit tree chat old.png Spirit tree chathead old.png
Spirit tree (young) (2) Strisath
Spirit tree chathead old.png Spirit Tree (Prifddinas) chathead.png Strisath chathead (2008).png Strisath chathead.png
Sharathteerk chathead old.png Sharathteerk chathead.png

T[edit | edit source]

Thrantax the Mighty
Thrantax chathead old.png Thrantax the Mighty chathead.png

V[edit | edit source]

Vampire bat King Vargas (yeti)
Vampire bat chathead old.png Vampyre bat chathead.png King vargas detail.gif King Vargas (yeti) chathead.png
Viyeldi chathead old2.png Viyeldi chathead old.png Viyeldi chathead.png

W[edit | edit source]

War tortoise Werewolf (NPC)
War tortoise chathead old.png War tortoise chathead.png Werewolf (NPC) chathead old.png Werewolf chathead.png

Z[edit | edit source]

Spirit of Zadimus Zimberfizz (Minion)
Zadimus chathead old.png Spirit of Zadimus chathead.png Zimberfizz chathead old.png Zimberfizz chathead.png
Zimberfizz (Freed)
Zimberfizz (freed) chathead old.png Zimberfizz (freed) chathead.png