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A[edit | edit source]

Alain (1, 2) Alain (3)
Alain chathead old2.png Alain chathead old.png Alain chathead old3.png Alain chathead old3.png Alain chathead.png
Prince Ali Mirza Arrav
Prince Ali chathead old.png Prince Ali chathead.png Prince Ali Mirza chathead.png Arrav chathead old.png Arrav chathead.png
Prince Ali (disguised) Ali Morrisane
Prince Ali disguised chat old.png Prince Ali chathead (disguised).png Ali morrisane chathead old.gif Ali Morrisane chathead.png
Badir the Snake Charmer Ana in a barrel
Ali the Snake Charmer chathead old.png Badir the Snake Charmer chathead.png Ana in a barrel chathead old.png Ana in a barrel chathead.png
Ariane chathead.png Ariane (Heart of Stone) chathead.png Ariane chathead.png

B[edit | edit source]

Bailey Bank guard
Bailey chathead old.png Bailey chathead.png Banker (Ardougne, male) chathead.png Bank guard chathead.png
Beigarth Bert
Beigarth chathead old.png Beigarth chathead.png Bert chathead old.png Bert chathead.png
Barfy Bill Bill Teach
Barfy Bill old head.png Barfy Bill chathead.png Bill Teach chathead old.png Bill Teach chathead.png
Bob (smith) Bonafido
Bobchold.png Bob (smith) chathead.png Bonafido old.png Bonafido chathead.png
Bonzo Border guard
Bonzo chathead old.png Bonzo chathead.png Border guard chat old.png Border Guard chathead.png
Boy Boy
Boy chathead old.png Boy chathead old2.png Boy chathead old2.png Harvey chathead.png
Captain Braindeath Guardsman Brawn
Braindeath old.png Captain Braindeath chathead.png Guardsman Brawn chathead old.png Guardsman Brawn chathead.png
Bettamax Breoca
Bettamax chathead old.png Bettamax chathead.png Breoca chathead old.png Breoca chathead.png
Brian O'Richard
Brian chathead old.png Brian O'Richard chathead.png

C[edit | edit source]

Caitlin Candle seller
Caitlin chathead old.png Caitlin chathead.png Candle seller chat old.png Candle seller chathead.png
Ceolburg Sir Ceril Carnillean
Ceolburg chathead old.png Ceolburg chathead.png Ceril Carnillean chathead old.png Ceril Carnillean chathead.png
Claus the chef Commander Colby
Claus chathead old.png Claus the chef chathead.png Colby chathead old.png Commander Colby chathead.png

D[edit | edit source]

Denath Commander Denulth
Denath chathead.png Denath chathead (Demon Slayer).png Denulth chathead old.png Commander Denulth chathead.png
Guardsman DeShawn Diango
Guardsman DeShawn chathead old.png Guardsman DeShawn chathead.png Diango chathead old.png Diango chathead old2.png Diango chathead.png
Dionysius Donie
Dionysius chat old.png Wise Old Man (partyhat) chathead.png Donie old.png Donie chathead.png
Doomsayer Drezel
Doomsayer chathead old.png Doomsayer chathead.png Drezel chathead old.gif Drezel chathead.png
Dunstan chathead old.gif Dunstan chathead.png

E[edit | edit source]

Eadburg Sir Ehntor Prysin
Eadburg chathead old.png Eadburg chathead.png Sir Prysin chathead old.png Sir Prysin chathead.png
Elite Black Knight Emerald Benedict
Elite Black Knight chathead old.png Elite Black Knight chathead.png Emerald chathead old.png Emerald Benedict chathead.png
Ezekial Lovecraft
Lovecraft detail.gif Lovecraft chathead.png Ezekial Lovecraft chathead.png

F[edit | edit source]

The Face Filliman Tarlock
The Face Old.png The Face chathead.png Filliman Old.png Filliman Tarlock chathead.png
Finlay Fisherman (Fish Flingers)
Finlay old.png Fishing Tutor chathead.png Fisherman chathead old.png Fisherman (Fish Flingers) chathead.png
Fortress guard Fortunato
Fortress guard chathead old.png Fortress guard chathead.png Fortunato chathead old.png Fortunato chathead.png
Fred the farmer Wizard Frederic Traiborn
Fred Older.png Fred Old.png Fred the Farmer chathead.png Traiborn old2.png Traiborn chathead old.png Wizard Traiborn chathead.png
Faruq chathead old.png Faruq chathead.png

G[edit | edit source]

Gem trader Guard (Courthouse)
Gem trader chat old.png Gem trader chathead.png Guard (Courthouse) chathead old.png Guard (Courthouse) chathead.png
Guardian of Armadyl Guardian of Armadyl
Horacio chathead.png Guardian of Armadyl WGS chathead.png Overseer chathead.png Guardian of Armadyl female chathead.png
Guildmaster Chieftain Gunthor the Brave
Guildmaster old.png Guildmaster chathead.png Gunthor the Brave chathead.png Chieftain Gunthor chathead.png

H[edit | edit source]

Grand Vizier Hassan Lady Henryeta Carnillean
Hassan chat old.png Hassan chathead old2.png Grand Vizier Hassan chathead.png Henryetta chathead old.png Henryeta Carnillean chathead.png
Hetty Hild
Hetty Old.png Hetty chathead.png Hild chathead old.png Hild chathead.png
General Hining Duke Horacio
General Hining chathead old.png General Hining chathead.png Duke Horacio chathead old.png Duke Horacio chathead.png
Hygd chathead old.png Hygd chathead.png

I[edit | edit source]

Ivan Strom Wizard Isidor
Ivan Strom chathead old.png Ivan Strom chathead.png Isidor chathead old.png Wizard Isidor chathead.png
Ingald Belger Ivy Sophista
Apothecary chat old.gif Apothecary chathead.png Ivy chathead old.png Ivy Sophista chathead.png

J[edit | edit source]

Grandpa Jack Hooknosed Jack
Grandpa jack chathead.png Grandpa Jack chathead.png Hooknosed Jack Old.png Hooknosed Jack chathead.png
Wizard Jalarast Jatix
Jalarast chathead old.png Wizard Jalarast chathead.png Jatix chathead old.png Jatix chathead old2.png Jatix chathead.png
Joe Captain Jute
Joe chathead old.png Joe chathead.png Mercenary Joe chathead.png Jute chathead old.png Captain Jute chathead.png

K[edit | edit source]

Kaqemeex (1, 2) Kaqemeex (3)
Sanfew chathead old.png Kaqemeex chathead old.png Kaqemeex chathead old2.png Kaqemeex chathead old2.png Kaqemeex chathead.png
Kennith Kolodion
Kennith chathead old.png Kennith chathead.png Kolodion old.png Kolodion old chat.png Kolodion chathead.png

L[edit | edit source]

Lanthus Launa
Lathus old.png Lanthus chathead.png Launa old.png Launa chathead.png
Leela Lensig
Leela Old.png Leela chathead old2.png Leela chathead.png Lensig chathead.png Dawn chathead.png
Locker Guard Louie Legs
Locker Guard chathead old.png Locker Guard chathead.png Louie Legs chat old.png Louie Legs chathead.png

M[edit | edit source]

Manni the Reveller Martin the master gardener
Manni the reveller detail.gif Manni the Reveller chathead.png Martin the Master Gardener chathead1.png Martin the Master Gardener chathead.png
Master fisher Wizard Melville Grayzag
Master fisher old.png Master fisher chathead.png Melville chathead old.png Grayzag head.png Wizard Grayzag chathead.png
Princess Miazrqa Captain Milo Rovin
Miazrqa chathead old.png Miazrqa chathead.png Rovin chathead old.png Captain Rovin chathead.png
Wizard Mizgog Sir Mordred
Mizgog chathead old.png Wizard Mizgog chathead.png Mordred chathead old.png Sir Mordred chathead.png
Morgan old.png Morgan chathead.png

N[edit | edit source]

Nicklaus Nomad
Santa chathead old.png Santa head.png Old-nomad chathead.png Nomad chathead old.png Nomad chathead.png

O[edit | edit source]

Ocga Professor Oddenstein
Ocga chathead old.png Ocga chathead.png Oddenstein old.png Professor Oddenstein chathead.png
Oracle Orlando Smith
Oracle chathead old.png Oracle chathead.png Orlando Smith chathead old.png Orlando Smith chathead.png
Spymaster Osman Sir Owen Sonde
Osman chathead old.png Osman chathead.png Owen chat old.png Sir Owen chathead.png

P[edit | edit source]

Party Pete Pauline Polaris
Party Pete chathead old.png Party Pete chathead.png Pauline Polaris chathead.png Pauline Polaris (drained) chathead.png
Guardsman Pazel Guardsman Peale
Guardsman Pazel chathead old.png Guardsman Pazel chathead.png Guardsman Peale chathead old.png Guardsman Peale chathead.png
Penda Pet shop owner (Taverley)
Penda chathead old.png Penda chathead.png Pet shop owner chathead old.png Pet shop owner (Taverley) chathead.png
Pirate Pete Phileas
Pirate pete.gif Pirate Pete chathead.png Lumbridge Sage chathead old.png Lumbridge Sage chathead.png
Philipe Carnillean Pikkenmix
Philipe chathead old2.png Philipe chathead old.png Philipe Carnillean chathead.png Pikkenmix chathead old.png Pikkenmix chathead.png

R[edit | edit source]

Young Ralph Dr Randulf Harlow
Young Ralph old.png Young Ralph chathead.png Dr Harlow chathead old.png Dr Harlow chathead.png
Rufus Reldo Trimmly
Rufus chathead old.png Rufus chathead.png Reldo Old.png Reldo chathead.png
Roachey chathead old.png Roachey chathead.png

S[edit | edit source]

Sanfew Sam (Independence Day Celebration)
Sanfew chathead old.png Kaqemeex chathead old.png Sanfew chathead.png Sam (4 July) chathead old.png Sam (Independence Day Celebration) chathead.png
Sarah (well) Saradomin
Sarah chathead old.png Sarah (Temple Trekking) chathead.png Saradomin (Sixth Age) chathead old.png Saradomin (Sixth Age) chathead.png
Sarius Guile
Sarius chathead old.png Sarius Guile chathead.png
Archmage Sedridor Shantay
Sedridor chathead old.png Archmage Sedridor chathead.png Shantay chathead old2.png Shantay chathead old.png Shantay chathead.png
Silk trader Sin Seer
Silk trader chat old.png Silk trader chathead.png Sinseer.gif Sin Seer chathead old.png Sin Seer chathead.png
Smiddi Ryak Street urchin
Smiddi Ryak chathead old.png Smiddi Ryak chathead.png Street urchin chathead old.png Street urchin chathead.png

T[edit | edit source]

Tegid Turael
Tegid chathead old.png Tegid chathead.png Turael chathead.png Turael chathead.png

V[edit | edit source]

Sir Vant Veliaf Hurtz
Sir Vant Learning Ropes Chat.png Sir Vant chathead.png Veliaf chathead old.png Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png
Vic the trader
Vic the trader chathead old.png Vic the trader chathead.png
Void Knight Sir Vyvin
Void Knight chat old.png Void Knight chathead.png Sir Vyvin chathead.png Sir Vyvin (Heist) chathead.png

W[edit | edit source]

Watchtower wizard White Knight
Watchtower wizard chathead old.png Watchtower Wizard chathead.png White Knight chathead old.png White Knight chathead.png
Wyson the gardener
Wyson chathead old.png Wyson the gardener chathead.png

X[edit | edit source]

Xenia chat old.png Xenia chathead old.png Xenia chathead.png

Z[edit | edit source]

Zanaris choir Zeke
Zanaris Choir old.png Zanaris choir chathead.png Zeke chat old.png Zeke chathead.png