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A[edit | edit source]

Aluft Gianne Jnr Aluft Gianne snr.
Gianne chathead old.png Gianne Jnr chathead.png Aluft Gianne snr chathead old.png Aluft Gianne snr. chathead old2.png Aluft Gianne snr. chathead.png
Professor Arblenap Prince Argenthorg
Professor Arblenap chathead old.png Professor Arblenap chathead old2.png Professor Arblenap chathead.png Argenthorg chathead old.png Prince Argenthorg chathead.png

B[edit | edit source]

Barman (Grand Tree) Captain Bleemadge
Barman chathead old.png Barman chathead old2.png Barman (Grand Tree) chathead.png Bleemadge chathead old.png Captain Bleemadge chathead.png
Farmer Blinkin Blurberry
Blinkin chathead old.png Blinkin chathead old2.png Farmer Blinkin chathead.png Blurberry chat old.png Blurberry chathead old2.png Blurberry chathead.png
Bolkoy King Bolren
Bolkoy chat old.png Bolkoy chathead old.png Bolkoy chathead.png Bolren chat old.png Bolren chathead old 2.png King Bolren chathead.png
Bolrie (young) Bolrie (incarcerated)
Bolrie chat old.png Bolrie chathead old2.png Bolrie chathead.png Bolrie old chathead old.png Bolrie elder chathead.png
Bolrie (elderly) Brambickle
Bolrie old chathead old2.png Bolrie (rescued) chathead.png Brambickle chathead old2.png Brambickle chathead old.png Brambickle chathead.png
Brimstail Bunkdo
Brimstail chat old.png Brimstail chathead old 2.png Brimstail chathead.png Bunkdo chathead old.png Bunkdo chathead old2.png Bunkdo chathead.png
Bunkwicket Burkor
Bunkwicket chathead old.png Bunkwicket chathead.png Burkor chat old.png Burkor chathead old.png Burkor chathead.png
Captain Belmondo
Belmondo chathead old.png Captain Belmondo chathead.png

C[edit | edit source]

Carado G.L.O. Caranock
Carado old.png Carado chathead old2.png Carado chathead.png Caranock chathead old.png G.L.O. Caranock chathead.png

D[edit | edit source]

Captain Daerkin Daero
Daerkin chathead old.png Captain Daerkin chathead.png Daero detail.gif Daero chathead old2.png Daero chathead.png
Captain Dalbur Dalila
Dalbur chathead old.png Captain Dalbur chathead.png Dalila chathead old.gif Dalila chathead.png
Damwin chat old.png Damwin chathead old.png Damwin chathead.png

E[edit | edit source]

Eebel Elkoy
Eebel chathead old.png Eebel chathead old2.png Eebel chathead.png Elkoy chathead old.png Elkoy chathead old2.png Elkoy chathead.png
Elnock Inquisitor Captain Errdo
Elnock chat old.png Elnock chathead old2.png Elnock Inquisitor chathead.png Errdo chat old.png Errdo chathead old 2.png Captain Errdo chathead.png

F[edit | edit source]

Farquie the Cleaner Femi
Farquie chathead old.png Farquie the Cleaner chathead.png Femi chathead old.png Femi chathead.png
Ambassador Ferrnook Frizzy Skernip
Ferrnook chat old.png Ferrnook chathead old.png Ambassador Ferrnook chathead.png Frizzy chathead old.png Frizzy chathead old2.png Frizzy Skernip chathead.png

G[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Garkor Glough
Garkor chat old.png Garkor chathead old2.png Garkor chathead.png Glough old.png Glough chathead old2.png Glough chathead.png
Glouphrie the Untrusted Gnome
Glouphrie chat old.png Glouphrie chathead old2.png Glouphrie chathead.png Gnome chathead old.png Gnome chathead old2.png Gnome chathead.png
Gnome (Mourner Headquarters) Gnome ball referee
Gnome (mourner) chathead old.png Gnome (mourner) chathead old2.png Gnome (Mourner Headquarters) chathead.png Referee chathead old.png Gnome ball referee chathead.png
Gnome banker (Tree Gnome Stronghold) Gnome child
Gnome banker chathead old.png Gnome banker chathead old2.png Gnome banker (Tree Gnome Stronghold) chathead.png Gnome child chathead old.png Gnome child chathead old2.png Gnome child chathead 2.png
Gnome Coach Gnome emissary
Coach chat old.png Gnome coach chathead old2.png Gnome Coach chathead.png Gnome emissary chathead old.png Gnome emissary chathead old2.png Gnome emissary chathead.png
Gnome trainer Gnome traveller (male)
Gnome trainer chathead old.png Gnome trainer chathead.png Traveller1 old.png Gnome traveller (male) chathead.png
Gnome traveller (female) Gnome troop
Traveller2 old.png Gnome traveller (female) chathead.png Gnome troop chathead old.png Gnome troop chathead old2.png Gnome troop chathead.png
Gnormadium Avlafrim Golrana
Gnormandium chat old.png Gnormadium chathead old2.png Gnormadium Avlafrim chathead.png Golrana chathead old.png Golrana chathead.png
Golrie Gulluck
Golrie chat old.png Golrie chathead old2.png Golrie chathead.png Gulluck chathead old.png Guluck chathead old2.png Gulluck chathead.png

H[edit | edit source]

Hazelmere (1, 2) Hazelmere (3)
Hazelmere old-1.png Hazelmere chat old.png Hazelmere chathead old2.png Hazelmere chathead old2.png Hazelmere chathead.png
King Healthorg the Great Heckel Funch
Healthorg chat old.png King Healthorg chathead old2.png King Healthorg chathead.png Heckel chathead old.png Heckel chathead old2.png Heckel Funch chathead.png
Hudo Glenfad
Hudo chathead old.png Hudo chathead.png

I[edit | edit source]

Professor Imblewyn
Imblewyn chat old.png Imblewyn chathead old2.png Professor Imblewyn chathead.png

K[edit | edit source]

Karam chat old.png Karam chathead old2.png Karam chathead.png

L[edit | edit source]

Laidee Gnonock Local Gnome
Laidee chathead old.png Laidee chathead old2.png Laidee Gnonock chathead.png Local gnome chat old.png Local Gnome chathead old2.png Local Gnome chathead.png
Longramble Lumdo
Longramble chat old.png Longramble chathead old2.png Longramble chathead.png Lumdo chat old.png Lumdo chathead old2.png Lumdo chathead.png
Lumo chathead old.png Lumo chathead old2.png Lumo chathead.png

M[edit | edit source]

Meegle Commander Montai
Meegle chathead old.gif Meegle chathead old2.png Meegle chathead.png Montai chat old.png Commander Montai chathead old2.png Commander Montai chathead.png

N[edit | edit source]

Trainer Nacklepen King Narnode Shareen
Nacklepen chathead old.gif Trainer nacklepen detail.gif Trainer Nacklepen chathead.png King narnode chat historical.png King Narnode chathead old2.png King Narnode Shareen chathead.png
Captain Ninto Junior Cadet Nirol
Captain Ninto chathead old.png Captain Ninto chathead old2.png Captain Ninto chathead.png Nirol chat old.png Nirol chathead old.png Junior Cadet Nirol chathead.png

O[edit | edit source]

Oaknock the Engineer Professor Onglewip
Oaknock chat old.png Oaknock chathead old2.png Oaknock the Engineer chathead.png Onglewip chathead old.gif Onglewip chathead old2.png Professor Onglewip chathead.png

P[edit | edit source]

Penwie Perrdur
Penwie chathead old.png Penwie chathead old2.png Penwie chathead.png Perrdur chathead old.png Perrdur chathead old2.png Perrdur chathead.png
Praistan Ebola
Praistan chathead old.png Praistan chathead old2.png Praistan Ebola chathead.png

R[edit | edit source]

Remsai Rometti
Remsai chat old.png Remsai chathead old2.png Remsai chathead.png Rometti chathead old.png Rometti chathead old2.png Rometti chathead.png

S[edit | edit source]

Sarble Lieutenant Schepbur
Sarble chat old.png Sarble chathead old2.png Sarble chathead.png Schepbur chat old.png Schepbur chathead old2.png Lieutenant Schepbur chathead.png
Assistant Le Smith Ambassador Spanfipple
Le Smith chathead old1.png Le Smith chathead old2.png Assistant Le Smith chathead.png Spanfipple chathead old.png Ambassador Spanfipple chathead.png
Spirit advisor
Spirit advisor chathead old.png Advisor chathead.png

T[edit | edit source]

Tamble Tracker gnome 1
Tamble chathead old.png Tamble chathead.png Tracker gnome 1 chat old.png Tracker gnome 1 chathead old2.png Tracker gnome 1 chathead.png
Tracker gnome 2 Tracker gnome 3
Tracker gnome 2 chat old.png Tracker gnome 2 chathead old2.png Tracker gnome 2 chathead.png Tracker gnome 3 chat old.png Tracker gnome 3 chathead old2.png Tracker gnome 3 chathead.png

W[edit | edit source]

Waydar Waymottin
Waydar chat old.png Waydar chathead old2.png Waydar chathead.png Waymottin chathead old.png Waymottin chathead.png
Wingstone Winkin
Wingstone chathead old2.png Wingstone chathead old.png Wingstone chathead.png Winkin old.png Winkin chathead old2.png Winkin chathead.png
Mrs. Winkin Wurbel
Mrs. Winkin chathead old.png Mrs. Winkin chathead old2.png Mrs. Winkin chathead.png Wurbel chat old.png Wurbel chathead old2.png Wurbel chathead.png

Y[edit | edit source]

Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta
Yaktwee chathead old.png Yaktwee chathead.png

Z[edit | edit source]

Zooknock chat old.png Zooknock chathead old2.png Zooknock chathead.png