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Grandpa Jack is a retired fisherman living in Hemenster. In his youth, he regularly entered the local annual Fishing Contest, winning it four years in a row.[1] He has a reputation for freely divulging his secrets, with a possible knock on effect that other local fishermen keep their advice to themselves.[2] As a result, he is the only local fisherman willing to help others with their fishing. However, he doesn't lightly tolerate impudence, stating the only reason why he doesn't do anything about it is due to his old age.[3]

In his youth, he used to fish in the nearby town of Catherby.[4] One day, he and his crew decided to cast out their nets, but caught only junk. Jack's net caught on something heavy, and he pulled up a casket which contained a diamond, which he claims was the best catch of his life.[5] He apparently caught a whitefish at some point, but lost it.

He advised a passing adventurer that their best chance of winning the contest lay in using red vine worms as bait and getting the spot by the pipes, where giant carp can be caught.[6] He also advised they use garlic to presuade the current occupant of the pipes spot to move.[7] He was also willing to sell the adventurer a fishing rod.

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