Grand Vizier Ehsan (Merchant)

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Grand Vizier Ehsan (Merchant) is the faction leader of the Merchant district in Menaphos. She is first met during The Jack of Spades quest, when the Jack of Spades steals her tax ledger.

Ozan later reveals that she is corrupt, as her tax ledger is actually where she writes rumours and gossips, which she uses to blackmail merchants, and that she is the Grand Vizier of Menaphos by extorting others.

In 'Phite Club, it is shown that Ehsan has bargained with Osman. In return for supporting Osman's coup, her position in Menaphos would be unchanged, in addition to obtaining more influence in the city. Ehsan asks the player to assist Wadud with some striking port workers. After solving Wadud's problem, Ehsan reports that the strikes have ended and upholds her end of the deal.

Menaphite gift offerings can be traded to Ehsan in exchange for reputation.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rumour has it that Ehsan initiated her meteoric rise to Grand Vizier as a young child immediately after she was sold into slavery by her parents; managing to sweeten the deal to such an extent that she ended up running the shop mere months later.

Murmurs in the market mandate that she is the one responsible for the introduction of currency to Menaphos, convincing the dullard denizens to part with their prized possessions at the first gleam of gold and the shine of a smile. The only thing that can really be ascertained with regards to Ehsan is that she is the beating heart of all trade within Menaphos, an economy that does not begin and end with simple rumours.

Her influence also bears no signs of a conclusion, swelling and straining at the seams of the desert like her obese purse. It's no surprise that foreign diplomats will rarely stray from her gaze during their stay in Menaphos, pampered with the most select endorsements from the merchant matriarch of Menaphos.

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