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Grace of the elves detail.png

The grace of the elves is a non-degradeable skilling necklace that is created by enchanting an alchemical onyx necklace with the Lvl-6 Enchant spell.

While equipped, it halves the Prayer point drain of the following Seren prayers: Light Form, Superheat Form and Chronicle Absorption.

When training a gathering skill (Woodcutting, Fishing, Farming, Hunter, Mining or Divination) with the necklace equipped, a Seren spirit (supplemented with a notification and sound) may periodically spawn for 30 seconds. When interacted with, the Seren spirit deposits a random item (or stack of items) from the rare drop table into the player's bank. This may include a Hazelmere's signet ring or Vecna skull provided that the player has a luck of the dwarves or Hazelmere's signet ring equipped upon interaction. If the player's bank is full, the item is deposited into their inventory. If their inventory is also full, the item is dropped onto the ground. Interacting with the Seren spirit does not interrupt gathering actions.

New and partially-used signs of the porter can be used on the necklace to charge it up to 500 charges, giving the necklace full functionality as a sign of the porter whilst it is worn. A good method to collect signs of the porter is to pickpocket Amlodd workers.

The necklace can be used to teleport to the player's Max Guild garden's skill portals' attuned teleport locations remotely. If the player does not have access to the Max Guild garden (which requires completion of Plague's End along with either level 99 in any skill or an equipable quest point cape), they can attune the necklace to one skilling location of their choice when they first equip the necklace; attuning is free for the first time, but the teleport location cannot be changed until the skill portal is re-attuned in the Max Guild garden.

The necklace is tradeable until first equipped, at which point it becomes permanently untradeable. There is a warning message when equipping it for the first time to confirm this.

Combat Stats
RequirementsGrace of the elves equipped.png
NoneNeck slot.png
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Tips for effective use[edit | edit source]

  • Utilising a grace of the elves and an ancient elven ritual shard, players using either Superheat Form or Chronicle Absorption (not Light Form) can regulate their lost prayer points due to the shard's ability to restore up to 37.5% of the user's maximum prayer points, which is greater than the prayer points lost when using either of these two Seren prayers in conjunction with the necklace.
  • With level 98-99 Prayer, while wearing a grace of the elves, super prayer renewal potions restore more prayer points than Light Form drains over the same duration. Wearing prayer equipment, carrying a holy wrench, or using the ancient elven ritual shard for extra prayer point restoration will reduce both the minimum prayer level required to achieve this and the number of potions used.
  • As the bonus from luck of the Dwarves/Hazelmere's signet ring is only required when clicking on Seren spirits, it is generally recommended to keep the Ring of Whispers on while skilling and only switch to the luck ring when collecting Seren spirits.
  • Toggling the grace of the elves prevents the sign of the porter effect from activating. This can be useful in preventing undesired consumption of charges.
  • As the Seren spirit spawns sporadically and lasts for only 30 seconds, it may be preferable to pay attention whilst skilling.
  • Seren spirits can spawn while capping at your clan's citadel.

Filling[edit | edit source]

Porter Charges Cost # needed Total cost Cost/charge
Sign of the porter VI.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter VIVI 30 16,550 17[f 1] 281,350 562.7
Sign of the porter VI.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter VIVI+Sign of the porter IV.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter IVIV 30 16,550 16+1 [f 2] 290,797 581.59
Sign of the porter V.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter VV 25 10,172 20 203,440 406.88
Sign of the porter IV.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter IVIV 20 9,447 25 236,175 472.35
Sign of the porter III.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter IIIIII 15 7,207 34[f 1] 245,038 490.08
Sign of the porter III.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter IIIIII+Sign of the porter I.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter II 15 7,207 33+1[f 3] 240,205 480.41
Sign of the porter II.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter IIII 10 5,429 50 271,450 542.9
Sign of the porter I.png: Inventory image of Sign of the porter II 5 2,374 100 237,400 474.8
  1. ^ a b This equals 510 charges, wasting 10 of them
  2. ^ 16 porter VIs and 1 porter IV equals 500 charges
  3. ^ 33 porter IIIs and 1 porter I equals 500 charges

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

  • update 28 January 2019 (Update):
    • New option whilst worn - "Toggle porter" which allows players to disable or enable the porter functionality.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before release, a planned item named "Ingenuity of Humans" had the abilities to store signs of the porter and teleport to the Max Guild. These functionalities were merged with the grace of the elves and the name moved to the then-named lucky strike sigil.
  • If the player receives the Hazelmere's signet ring, there will be no broadcast due to it going straight to the player's bank. [1]
  • Even if the player has attuned their max garden portal(s), the necklace will still show the option to teleport to the max garden. This will open a window to choose which area to teleport to.

References[edit | edit source]

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