Gotta Patch 'Em All

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Gotta Patch 'Em All is an achievement that requires the player to have something planted and living in every Farming patch. Patches where something was just planted do count.

In addition to the normal Farming patches, players must have planted seeds in the Herblore Habitat patches (including the vine herb patch on the tiny island to the east) and at the harmony pillars in Prifddinas. Patches that are only used during quests, such as the Beanstalk, Enriched snapdragon and Kelda hops are not required. The Crystal tree (farming) and Fertile soil (patch) are also not required.

Having a sprinkler MK1 or scarecrow in a flower patch does not count as living. An actual flower needs to be planted.

Players can use the Remote Farming Lunar spell or the remote farm device on Manor Farm to check the status of all required patches, as well as whether they are empty. Although listed by the spell, the money tree patch is not required to complete the achievement.

The two jade vine patches in Ardougne are required. It's possible that if the jade vine patch is overgrown and ready to be killed, it will need to be killed and replanted for it to qualify.

There is currently a bug in which some players are not able to complete the achievement, despite meeting the requirements. Harvesting and then replanting the Wilderness herb patch will allow the achievement to be completed.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of the achievement is a reference to "Gotta Catch 'Em All", a slogan from the Pokémon franchise.