Golden rock (Construction)

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Golden rocks obtained by training Construction are part of the Statue of Rhiannon. Two are required each to complete the statue each time that it is built. Golden rocks may be stored inside a statue collection bag.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Working on furniture or any construction activity that yields experience in the Construction skill, including in building mode and creating flatpacks on a workbench.

Although click-intensive, limestone fireplaces are recommended as limestone bricks can be acquired for 21 coins each from the stonemason in Keldagrim and sawmill operator in Prifddinas. The shop in Prifddinas has normally a daily stock of 250 limestone bricks and 500 during Voice of Seren (total of 750 per day). You can buy the bricks directly from there which is closer than the bank to the Prifddinas house portal.

They may be obtained while using protean planks, which make a favourable option as they stack in your inventory. To conserve resources it is advised to build something that uses low amount of planks, like a mahogany armchair. The Construction cape perk gives a chance of saving planks including protean planks.

Use the Crystal Saw to double your chance of getting a rock. It works even without using planks (eg. limestone bricks). A crystal saw has enough charges for 2 full inventories of limestone bricks.

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