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Golden sheep (item).png

Golden ewe are the shiny breed of ewes (female sheep) that may be raised on the player-owned farm. It can be obtained by breeding two sheep in the breeding pen or by trading with another player. As an item it will appear as one of the normal ewe variants, and will only appear as a golden ewe when added to a pen.

Rather than whatever its base species is, a golden ewe will give the player one springsheared wool, one summerdown wool, one fallfaced wool, and one winterwold wool per growth stage upon gathering produce.

Golden ewe
Farming level 35
Pen size Medium
Eats Vegetables, fruits, flowers
Produce Springsheared wool (75)
Summerdown wool (169)
Fallfaced wool (49)
Winterwold wool (73)
Muck Manure and green manure
Breeding cycle
(max cycle)
1.67 hour (8.35 hour)
Breeding success chance (%) 45%
Growth time
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 24 minutes 42 minutes 54 minutes
Growth check Farming XP
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 275 481.25 618.75
Cured disease Farming XP
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 13.75 24.0625 6.1875
Base sell price in beans
Egg Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 20 100 85 70
Buyer Ralph (sheep hugger) chathead.png: Chat head image of Ralph (sheep hugger)Ralph (sheep hugger)
Last spawn(wrong?) June 23 2019 00:00 UTC ago
Next spawn(wrong?) June 25 2019 00:00 UTC

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 4 February 2019 (Update):
    • Shiny animals now count as a wildcard for trait requests when selling to player owned farm NPC buyers, on top of the existing breed wildcard.