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Not to be confused with Golden prawn cracker.
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The golden cracker is an Item which celebrates Jagex winning the Golden Joystick Award for UK Developer of the Year. On login, players received a message in their chatbox: 'We have given you a golden cracker in your bank to celebrate our Golden Joystick win! Use it on another player to open it.' If the player's bank is full, or if they lose or destroy the golden cracker, it can be reobtained from Diango.

Once a player uses it on another player, they receive a Golden hammer. This is a "fun" item, which is wielded in the same fashion as a maul. If the hammer is misplaced somehow, one can obtain a replacement golden cracker (not the hammer itself) from Diango once again in order to obtain a new hammer.

When someone pulls a cracker on another player, the second will receive a message saying "You pull a golden cracker, and (name of first player) receives the prize!"

The Golden Hammer has very low damage and accuracy stats, and isn't recommended for use in combat. Two emotes are available once equipped, each one for a different year that Jagex won the award: Brandish (2009), where the character flips the hammer and catches it, and Spin (2010), where the character starts to spin the hammer around for a short time.

The Hammer can be retrieved from the cracker an unlimited number of times by any user. This item has not been discontinued, and new accounts still have access to the golden cracker and hammer.

Golden hammer[edit | edit source]

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Although the golden hammer was intended as a fun item, it serves as a multi-purpose item by having many of the same functions as a normal hammer. The golden hammer can be used for skills, such as smithing or construction, which would ordinarily use a hammer, but since it can be wielded, it was popular to use when training these skills to save an inventory space. Since the release of the tool belt its use has diminished, as a normal hammer can be stored on the tool belt.

Two players using a Golden cracker.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you use a golden cracker on a Jagex Moderator, you get a message "Sorry, but you can't do that to Staff Mods."