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The golden bowl is a quest item used during the Legends' Quest. It is made by first smithing a gold bowl from 2 gold bars, granting 30 Smithing exp. This must be done by using the bars on an anvil rather than inside the interface. After smithing it, it must be given to Gujuo in the Kharazi Jungle to bless it, making it into a blessed gold bowl. The player must then add water from a holy pond in the Kharazi Jungle by using their machete on the tall reeds next to the pond, then using the reed on the pool in the centre of the jungle to turn the bowl into a golden bowl containing sacred pure water.

Note: Filling an unblessed gold bowl from the Kharazi water pool will also create a golden bowl, but the examine information will reveal that the water is pure but no longer sacred. Filling the a gold bowl or a blessed gold bowl with plain water from some other water source will likewise cause it to be renamed a golden bowl, but the examine information will reveal that the water is only plain water.

An effective way in collecting these bowls is by using Magic notepaper to convert the Gold bowls to a noted form. Usually when you leave the jungle the bowls are empty, but while they're noted this is not the case. After you leave the Kharazi Jungle you are able to bank these bowls and use them to create Holy water.

Alternatively, you can simply fill the bowls, then teleport out - this likewise avoids losing the water in the bowls.

The bowl is required to fill holy water vials.

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