Gofannon amulet

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Gofannon amulet detail.png

The Gofannon amulet is an amulet found along with the second high-quality ore during What's Mine is Yours. On completion of the quest, the amulet gives 500 bonus experience to players for either Mining or Smithing. However, this amount can be significantly increased by completing the tasks Doric and Boric assign to the player after the quest. Some of the extra tasks assigned by Doric can be completed by non-members, but later tasks and all of Boric's tasks can only be completed with access to members areas. Additionally, only members can use the bonus experience, even though non-members can claim the initial 500 experience points. Bonus experience is given by draining the amulet's charges and putting it directly into a skill; therefore if you wish to obtain bonus experience in both Mining and Smithing, you must claim the experience in-between tasks.

The following table shows the amount of bonus experience added to the amulet after completing specific tasks. After every task, players can choose whether to put the bonus experience towards Mining or Smithing. Experience stacks when no charges are used after every task so if the bonus experience is going to be split between both skills, it is important to use it when it is given or all of it will go into one skill. Completing every task requires 60 Mining and 70 Smithing.

# Doric's tasks Boric's tasks
1 750 4,500
2 1,500 10,500
3 2,250 24,000
4 4,500
5 15,000
6 24,000
7 36,000
8 60,000

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In mythology, Gofannon was a Celtic deity, portrayed in Middle Welsh literature as a great smith. The name Gofannon itself means 'smith' in some Celtic tongues, including Old Irish, Middle Welsh, and Gallic.
  • The amulet resembles a miniature anvil, highlighting its role in the Smithing skill.
  • When the amulet was first released, free players could not gain bonus experience from it, and could only check the charges inside. This was fixed a short time later. Since the release of the bonus experience mechanism, free players are once again unable to use the experience.
  • This can also be re-obtained from May's Quest Caravan after putting 150 quest points towards the Hub Track.