Goebie Temple

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Goebie Temple
Release date 12 October 2015 (Update)
Kingdom Mazcab
Members area Yes
Main music Unknown edit
Leader Ancient goebie
Teleportation None
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The Goebie Temple is one of the few remaining temples created by the goebies. It is used to return energy from a spiritual guardian back to the planet. It is initially encountered during the Call of the Ancestors quest, and is found hidden away within the vast Nemi Forest.

During the quest, players help a trio of young goebies take part in three trials in the three rooms of the temple in order to unseal a spiritual guardian named Xinachto. Afterwards, other goebies from Kanatah are sent their way to find the temple and try to overcome the trials on their own.

The Pit of Trials is another known temple created by the goebies, but unlike the Goebie Temple, it has been captured by the airut.