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The god series is a series of quests centred around the Gods returning to Gielinor following the assassination of Guthix and the nullification of his Edicts.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The World Wakes[edit | edit source]

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In the first quest in the series, an archaeologist discovered a hidden temple west of the Legends Guild. Met by the adventurer, they entered the temple and were quickly confronted by its security, automatons. They killed the archaeologist, but were soon destroyed by the adventurer.

Immediately after, a shadowed figure claiming to be Guthix appeared. He quickly revealed himself to be the Zarosian Mahjarrat Sliske and stated that Guthix was sleeping deeper in the temple. He also informed the adventurer that an alarm had been set off, which would alert the other gods' factions, prompting them to enter the temple for their own gods' gains. Sure enough, Kree'arra, Zilyana, and K'ril Tsutsaroth soon arrived on the scene. Zilyana chased after K'ril, and ordered Kree'arra to kill the adventurer, which he reluctantly attempted to do. However, the adventurer defeated Kree'arra, forcing him to flee the temple.

Deeper in, the adventurer met the Guardians of Guthix. Together, they travelled deeper into the cave, and after a test, the adventurer became a Guardian of Guthix themself.

Graardor, one of the invaders of Guthix's caves

The rest of the other gods' factions began to arrive, including the Zamorakians and the Bandosians. But, the adventurer defended the sleeping Guthix and fought off K'ril Tsutsaroth, Enakhra, Zemouregal, and Graardor, who all fled the temple after their defeat. Zilyana's forces then raided the temple, but were soon pushed back by the adventurer.

Sliske, dealing a killing blow to Guthix with the staff of Armadyl

The Zarosians, including Azzanadra, Akthanakos, Wahisietel, Nex, and Char, made their entrance at this point. The adventurer was presented with the choice to side with the Zarosians to wake Guthix, the Saradominists to destroy him, or the Guardians to protect him. Regardless, the entrance to Guthix's resting chamber suddenly broke open, prompting all participants to rush through. The adventurer got to Guthix at the end of the temple first. Sliske, however, appeared with the Staff of Armadyl and struck a fatal blow to Guthix, after which he quickly disappeared.

Before he died, Guthix brought the adventurer into his memories and told them his history. His final act was to name them the World Guardian, which came with a power: being immune to the powers of the gods.

Immediately after Guthix's death, Saradomin returned to Gielinor, arriving in the temple and teleporting the Zarosians away. The World Guardian warned Saradomin that the world was still protected. Saradomin then teleported away with Zilyana to make plans for when the other gods return to Gielinor. Hence, the Sixth Age began.

The Death of Chivalry[edit | edit source]

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The adventurer met Sir Owen stationed at the Edgeville Monastery, awaiting a certain contact. When the adventurer arrived, Owen believed they were the contact, but he was surprised to find it was actually the god of order, Saradomin. Saradomin sent Owen and the adventurer to infiltrate the nearby Black Knight's Fortress, to prevent the Kinshra from using a powerful weapon that has recently been discovered, last used during the God Wars.

The adventurer, disguised as the captain of the fortress, and Sir Owen, disguised as their prisoner, made their way to the top of the fortress and discovered a strange marker. They figured out how to complete a ritual that opened up a portal.

Upon entering the portal, they arrived at an ancient Saradominist crypt, only to discover some Kinshra soldiers attacking a helpless woman. The soldiers were swiftly dealt with by the duo, who proceeded to free the woman. She then explained to them that the powerful weapon Saradomin was talking about was sealed away deeper into the crypt.

Saradomin with the Wand of Resurrection

The adventurer and Sir Owen continued down and encountered a ghost centaur, by the name of Fern. She revealed that the weapon is the Wand of Resurrection, the horn of her sister, and that she only allows those who are worthy to pass. The adventurer defeated Fern in a fight, allowing them and Sir Owen to proceed.

The duo arrived at the Wand of Resurrection, only to find it sealed off by a mysterious barrier. They managed to retrieve the wand after a series of tasks, only to be confronted by the woman they saved, who turned out to be a Zamorakian named Dawn. Dawn proceeded to kill Sir Owen, after which the World Guardian fought and killed Dawn and retrieved the wand. Saradomin then appeared and requested the wand to revive Sir Owen. The adventurer either willingly handed Saradomin the wand, or resisted. Either way, Saradomin retrieved the wand, and revived Sir Owen, but corrupted his arm in the process. Sir Owen was left with little other choice than to go into hiding.

Missing, Presumed Death[edit | edit source]

After investigating the massacre of a group of Saradominist Priests at Paterdomus with the assistance of Icthlarin, the adventurer learned of the disappearance of Death himself. With an invitation to 'Sliske's Grand Ascendancy', the player and Icthlarin travelled to Armadyl's Empyrean Citadel. There, they found themselves among many followers of different gods, including Azzanadra, Wahisietel, Zemouregal, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Commander Zilyana and General Graardor. The followers were unable to enter the main room of the citadel, where several gods had gathered to witness Sliske's ascension. Icthlarin entered the main room, but the adventurer was denied access and chose to explore the rest of the citadel.

Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, Bandos, Icthlarin, Brassica Prime and Sliske

Through several windows in the citadel, the player was able to watch the events in the main room unfold. While waiting for the event to start, Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, Armadyl, Icthlarin, and Brassica Prime hostilely argued over their philosophies.

As the adventurer progressed through several challenges, they eventually earned an invitation to the Ascendancy. Sliske finally made his grand entrance into the main room, and revealed that the ascendancy was a ruse and that his plan was to assemble all of the gods together. As the gods decided to kill Sliske, he unveiled he had kidnapped Death, as well as the Dragonkin Strisath, and that he would kill Death and release Strisath on the False Users if he was attacked. After recounting how Sliske came into possession of both the Catalyst and the Siphon, he declared his end-game: a god-killing contest, where the victor would receive the Stone of Jas.

Fate of the Gods[edit | edit source]

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Azzanadra met the adventurer at the World Gate to inform them that the return of Zaros to Gielinor was near. Sliske also showed up at the Gate to help operate the portal, provide commentary, and watch events unfold. As the only one who could enter the portal to meet Zaros, it was up to the adventurer to travel to the dangerous plane of Freneskae and decide whether to assist or sabotage Zaros's return.

Zaros speaking with the World Guardian in their mind threshold.

The adventurer first arrived at the Approach, which they navigated through to reach the Sanctum, where they found receptacles to place memoriam crystals. At the end of the room was a puzzle door leading to the Pit, a chamber where they had to defeat four nihil. Once victorious, the adventurer proceeded through to the top of Freneskae's volcano, called the Cradle. Here they became face to face with a sleeping figure, and finally, Zaros himself. He took the adventurer to their mind threshold to talk. The player learned many things about Zaros. Furthermore, they were informed of the 'Great Revision,' a world-ending event during which the elder gods awaken from their slumber and set out to destroy all planes in order to create new ones. Lastly, they learned of Zaros' plans to ascend to elder godhood, to stop the Great Revision from happening.

By this point, the adventurer's presence had triggered the awareness of Mah, the sleeping elder god on the volcano. After braving off creatures created by Mah's nightmare, the adventurer chose to craft a body for Zaros--either one made from dark energy, allowing Zaros to return at full strength; or one made from light energy, allowing Zaros to return, but in a very weak state. Back on Gielinor at last, Zaros gathered his followers. He excommunicated Sliske for the murder of Guthix and creation of the god-killing contest; and assigned Char to keep an eye on Sliske, Nex to monitor the gods, and Azzanadra to find the resting place of the elder gods on Gielinor.

The Mighty Fall[edit | edit source]

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Notable Bandosians in the Lumbridge Caves

After the death of Bandos in The Bird and The Beast, Bandos's strongest followers turned to Dorgesh-Kaan in revenge, believing the Dorgeshuun were to blame for Bandos' demise. In an effort to delay the Bandosians and give the Dorgeshuun time to evacuate, the adventurer created an argument among the Bandosians questioning who was really in charge. The Bandosians, much to the dismay of the ourg Zarador, thus decided to hold a Kyzaj Tournament on Yu'biusk, to settle who would be in charge. Zarador, in a last ditch effort to make the Dorgeshuun pay, proposed that the Dorgeshuun, like all other races, should send a champion to the tournament. But in a loophole, it was decided that the adventurer would champion the Dorgeshuun as Zanik's trained attack beast.

The participants of the tournament were: Graardor, champion of the ourgs; Bork, champion of the orks; Lol, champion of the trolls; Yelps, champion of the goblins; Mono, champion of the cyclopes; Farkle, champion of the ogres; Hobnob, champion of the hobgoblins; and the adventurer, trained attack beast of Zanik, champion of the Dorgeshuun. The champions would participate in single elimination tournament until one stood victorious.

Before the tournament commenced, however, the adventurer exposed a disguised human Bandosian infiltrator with a plot to poison the competitors. Once he and his five cohorts were dispatched, the adventurer had to defeat Yelps and Lol. Ultimately, they found themselves in the final round with General Graardor. After a long, hard battle using the traditional Bandosian Kyzaj, the adventurer was able to defeat Graardor, making Zanik the official leader of all the Bandosians. Or, the adventurer could choose to slay her, making Graardor the winner by default. If Zanik lived, she would lead the Bandosians deeper into Yu'biusk to build a new life for themselves. If she was killed, Graardor would call off the attack on the Dorgeshuun and return to the Temple of the Lost Ancients.

Dishonour Among Thieves[edit | edit source]

Following his defeat in the Battle of Lumbridge, Zamorak hatched a plan to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske. The adventurer was to recruit and assemble a team of Zamorak's strongest followers and allies: Moia, Jerrod, General Khazard, Enakhra, Hazeel, Zemouregal, Lord Daquarius, and Nomad. Along the way, the adventurer freed Jerrod from his cell, helped Khazard learn more about his mother, temporarily granted Nomad a respite from Death, and uncovered a mole in the Black Knights' Base. Once all members were ready, Viggora briefed everyone on the situation of the Stone, hidden in Sliske's lair near the Barrows. Hence, the heist began.

First was a cave maze. Next, the adventurer and Jerrod sneaked past Sliske's guard and security system to clear the way. Third, the party reached a locked vault. Using Jerrod's tracking and Moia's telepathy on the guards, Nomad and Enakhra's magic on the enchanted door, and Zemouregal's necromancy on Sliske's wights, the vault opened. Inside lay the Stone of Jas.

Zamorak attacks Sliske

At this point, the adventurer was apprehended by their foreshadow in the Shadow Realm; after vanquishing it, they touched and were empowered by the Stone, experiencing a flashback of Zamorak's destruction of Forinthry. Meanwhile, the Zamorakians were fighting their own shadow counterparts in addition to Elite Wights. The adventurer then returned and assisted with the battle until Nomad revealed his true colours and tried to claim the Stone for himself. The adventurer was able to either oppose or allow him. Subsequently, Zamorak teleported in and knocked Nomad down himself, though he was able to make his escape. Zamorak turned his attention to the Stone of Jas and began channeling its power into himself. This was interrupted by Sliske himself, who froze everybody except Zamorak, the adventurer, and himself. In the following confrontation, the adventurer made the choice of either aiding Zamorak, aiding Sliske, or remaining neutral. Regardless of the player's decision, Zamorak was returned to his strength before his loss and Sliske teleported away with the Stone of Jas.

The Light Within[edit | edit source]

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Seren, reunited with the Elven clan leaders in Prifddinas.

Due to imminent danger of Prifddinas's collapse, the eight Elven Clan leaders decided it was best to restore Seren, and enlisted the help of the World Guardian. To give them an idea of where to start, Lady Trahearn attuned the enchanted key to Seren, which brought them to Guthix in the past. There they discovered Haluned, Eluned's twin. Back at the Tower of Voices, the adventurer discussed with the clan leaders on retrieving the four major shards of Seren. They found the Naturalist clans' shard by brewing and using an Elixir of Revealment on a crystal tree, the Artisan clans' shard by wearing the Trahearn exoskeleton and delving into the well in Lletya, the Spiritualist clans' shard by purifying the Seren Stone in the Hefin cathedral with light cores, and the Military clans' shard by reawakening King Baxtorian. He taught the adventurer the first part of the Song of Restoration, and the second was learned upon return to the Tower of Voices.

However, Seren would still be incomplete without some filler crystals and the two final shards: the Dark Lord, and Eluned. The World Guardian could choose whether to reclaim the dark Seren shard from the Grand Library, or kick it into the abyss. For the filler crystals, they would have to travel to Tarddiad, the elven homeworld. When they arrived through the World Gate, the adventurer remembered part three of the Song of Restoration. They also met Angof, learning of the fate of the elves who did not go with Seren to Gielinor and the final piece of the Song, and managed to collect sufficient crystal fragments.

Once the adventurer returned to Prifddinas, the restoration commenced, with the option to sacrifice Eluned to complete Seren. Nevertheless, only her unconscious body was restored; the adventurer would have to return to her birthplace of Freneskae to recover her mind. On the journey through the treacherous landscape, they were attacked by Muspah, until Zaros intervened and took them to the Elder Halls. After some light puzzles the adventurer was able to finally bring Seren back. Upon her homecoming to Prifddinas, she declared that the Elven clan leaders remain the leaders of the crystal city.

Nomad's Elegy[edit | edit source]

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Since Nomad was last seen in Dishonour Among Thieves, Zimberfizz perceived that he was up to something again. Alas, investigating his old lair at Soul Wars confirmed suspicions and led to the imp's and the adventurer's deaths. When the player respawned in Death's office, they encountered him and Icthlarin discussing the very same topic of Nomad. They disclosed that he was assaulting Icthlarin's fortress in the Underworld with Order of Ascension members and his Soul Obelisk. It was agreed that he needed to be stopped once and for all.

Nomad's most heinous creation, the god-construct Gielinor.

The first step in preparing for the confrontation was gathering allies. The adventurer brought back Hazelmere, Xenia, and Jessika/Korasi (whichever perished in Void Stares Back) from Limbo with the help of Astrid/Brand (depending on the player's gender in Throne of Miscellania); and rescued Zanik from the Bandosian afterlife. Next, they interrogated Legio Septimus on Nomad's plans, ultimately freeing or killing him. Lastly, the adventurer constructed a battering ram.

It was time to begin the assault. The team escorted the ram and broke into Icthlarin's fortress, leaving Zanik, Jessika/Korasi, and Hazelmere to cover as Xenia, Death, Icthlarin, and the adventurer continued forth. They faced Nomad's ultimate plan: an abominable construct of souls called Gielinor, resembling the physical shape of Guthix, with a corrupted aim to protect the planet from other gods. In several grueling stages, the adventurer took on Gielinor and Nomad straight on, while Xenia cleared the Ascension creatures, Death crippled the construct, and Icthlarin reclaimed the construct's souls. At last, Nomad was defeated and Gielinor was slain by Death or Icthlarin. However, Sliske showed up at this point. He invited the adventurer and the killer of the construct to his Endgame, and snatched Nomad away.

Children of Mah[edit | edit source]

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The adventurer's ally Kharshai alerted them that the Mahjarrats' life energy had suddenly begun to rapidly wane, despite the recency of the last Ritual of Rejuvenation. All remaining Mahjarrat on Gielinor except Sliske once again met up at the Ritual Site to discuss what to do. The argument was halted by Zaros's arrival. He offered a solution before leaving, but the Zamorakians immediately took issue with his promises. Kharshai suggested that they all relive Zamorak's betrayal of Zaros in the Second Age, then make a decision in perspective.

The momentous battle that brought about the end of the Second Age.

Once the adventurer retrieved Kharshai's memories from the Empty Throne Room, they were transported into a vision of the past. As Kharshai, then an Inquisitor, they spoke to characters present in Zaros's court on that day, uncovered clues of the plot to overthrow Zaros, and passed judgement on three accused. Then they witnessed the confrontation between Zamorak and his followers and Zaros and his loyalists. However, nobody saw the final moments when the two were grappling over the Staff of Armadyl, until Zamorak arrived at the Ritual Site. He showed his memory of what had occurred in his mind threshold, where he ultimately overcame Zaros. With some reluctance and little choice, the Mahjarrat decided they must return to Freneskae to see what Zaros had to offer.

Promptly after materializing on Freneskae through the World Gate, Zemouregal took Kharshai captive with intent to sacrifice him. The adventurer followed them over lava falls, battling through hostile muspah. In due course, they surfed over a lava waterfall but were rescued and taken to Freneskae's Ritual Marker by Seren. There, Zamorak and Zaros remet after millennia and commenced battling. Zamorak was overpowered. Seeing his imminent defeat, he started channeling his energy into the Mahjarrat, but Zaros saw his attempt at martyrdom and ceased attacking. Instead, they created an unbreakable demonic pact: Zaros would deliver on empowering all Mahjarrat with Mah's life energy, permanently freeing them from Rituals of Rejuvenation; and Zamorak would perform one action for Zaros in Sliske's Endgame. Also, everyone found out that Zamorak was Khazard's father.

All the commotion roused Mah. Seren thus sent the adventurer into Mah's mind to quell her uneasy dreams. In three phases, inhabited by nightmare creasures, muspah, the Mahjarrat, Seren, and Zaros, the adventurer protected the troubled Elder God. However, by the time they finished, Zaros had already drained Mah's life force; with deep sadness and regret, Seren mercy killed what was left of her. The goddess revealed herself at last to those assembled. The Mahjarrat were infuriated at the revelation that she posed as Mah long ago to teach them the Rituals of Rejuvenation and Enervation, while Seren castigated Zaros for betraying their creator.

No longer dreading inevitable sacrifice, the Mahjarrat contemplated their futures.

Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

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As the eclipse approached, Sliske's Endgame commenced. It was time for the culmination of Sliske's plans since the assassination of Guthix, the final clash of those playing his god-killing game. The participants--Death, Icthlarin, Saradomin, Zamorak, Zaros, Seren, the dragonkin, and the adventurer gathered at the Heart to meet Relomia and Sliske. Sliske had the adventurer choose a faction to support and kill Nomad reanimated as a wight.

The last moments of the contended Stone of Jas.

Then, all participants were thrust into Sliske's Labyrinth. This was two gargantuan mazes in series, filled with multitudes of devious puzzles. While traversing them, the adventurer, encompanied by Icthlarin in a regressed state, encountered the other contenders and their entourages, and could speak with them or watch them interact with each other. At the end of the Labyrinth, the adventurer raced a god down an obstacle course to the Stone of Jas. Once it had been claimed, Zaros and Seren teleported in. If the god was victorious, depending on whether Zaros and Seren were fully restored, they revealed the binding pacts they had made with him, and demanded the Stone from him. If the World Guardian reached the Stone first, Zaros threatened to destroy them for it. Regardless, Kerapac appeared at this point and shattered the Stone with the Mirror.

Enraged, Sliske attempted to kill everyone. He first sent hordes of his standard wights at the adventurer, which were dispatched with ease while Zaros and Seren kept Sliske occupied. So, he brought out the Barrows Brothers to attack, but they defected due to events in Kindred Spirits, and held back the other wights. The World Guardian was left to face Sliske's three strongest minions: Linza the Disgraced, Nomad, and Gregorovic. When they were defeated, Sliske snapped and took on the adventurer personally, teleporting them both to an isolated arena. Four times the adventurer had to bring Sliske down, until their World Guardian powers activated and they vanquished him using the Staff of Armadyl. However, before succumbing, Sliske managed to stab the other end into the adventurer, and appeared to transfer his essence into them.

When they regained consciousness, they along with Zaros and Seren found themselves opposite Jas herself. She denied Zaros's plea to become an Elder God himself, and the siblings departed. The World Guardian talked with Jas, and left with an ultimatum: prove that life is worthy, or be destroyed.