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Goblin courier only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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A Goblin courier is involved with the 2010 Easter event. Players must deliver three packages filled with different Easter treats and supplies to three different Couriers around Free-to-play RuneScape, one of which is the Goblin. He is located in Varrock, just outside the Grand Exchange entrance. The player must deliver one of the three package to him to complete the event. Apparently, he comes from the Goblin Village, and explains that Goblins celebrate Easter because it is a time that they remember all the great battles they have fought. They use fireworks to celebrate, and in Goblin Village, there must be both red and green fireworks, and they must have the exact same number of each or there will be rioting. This is a reference to the frequent squabbles in Goblin Village about Red goblin mail and Green goblin mail being better than one another, which is covered in the Goblin Diplomacy quest. If you finished Goblin Diplomacy your character will ask if they would rather have brown fireworks because they "like the colour brown better", but the Goblin Courier says, "Brown okay, we like brown, just look silly for fireworks."

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