Goblin Raids

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This is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.
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Goblin Raids is a free-to-play feature in Gielinor that was released on 17 October 2012. Every thirty minutes, a server-wide announcement goes out detailing the latest location of a goblin raid. Players work to repulse the Goblin Raiders led by Hollowtoof in this activity.

Finding a raid[edit | edit source]

To receive a notification in chat about a raid, one must have the filter option enabled in the "Game" tab. High-levelled players (around level 80) must enable "Goblin Raids" under "Settings -> Notifications -> Content Updates". If a raid starts and your notification is turned on you get the following notification: Game announcement.png News: Goblins are conducting a raid [directions to the location]! Also, the goblin raid icon (Goblin raid map icon.png) appears on the player's map, and another icon appears in its place for the guards (Commander Yodri map icon.png) after the raid finishes.

Note that the more crowded the world is, the lower the chances are to slay one of the raiders and get some rewards in the process. The chances are even worse when competing with higher-leveled players.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Broadcast Type
Burthorpe mine, under White Wolf Mountain "...in the Taverley mine!" Mine
Crafting Guild, north of the guild and south of the Makeover Mage "...to the north of the Crafting Guild!" Forest
Draynor Village, west of the Draynor lodestone "...to the north of Draynor!" Forest
Draynor Village, wheat field east of the village "...in Draynor wheat field!" Farm
Falador farm, cabbage field "...at the farm north of Port Sarim!" Farm
Lumbridge, the potato field north of the cow pen "...in the Lumbridge farm!" Farm
Lumbridge south-east mine, south-eastern corner of Lumbridge Swamp "...at the Lumbridge Swamp copper mine!" Mine
Rimmington mine, north of Rimmington "...at the mine west of Port Sarim!" Mine
Taverley, wheat field south-east of the bank "...in the Taverley wheat field!" Farm
Varrock, east of the stone circle "...to the south of Varrock!" Forest
Varrock, south of Gertrude's house "...to the west of Varrock!" Forest
Varrock south-west mine, west of the Varrock lodestone "...to the north of the Champions' Guild!" Mine

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Hollowtoof and several Goblin Raiders raid a potato field

When there is a raid, 10 Goblin Raiders appear at the place indicated by the message. These raiders shout various phrases such as "Got one!" and "I got a ...". Each time they shout this, one raided drop (logs for a wood-gathering goblin and seeds for a goblin on a farm) is added to that goblin's drop table. When it is killed, they drop all of these as well as a regular drop from their drop table. For example: a goblin that said something three times could drop two logs and one oak log from their inventory and bones and goblin mail from their normal drop table.

Players must kill all 10 raiders in order to fight Hollowtoof. As they are not aggressive, you may kill them one by one. All raiders along with Hollowtoof use melee, and they can be tough for low- to medium-leveled players, so it is recommended to safe spot them if possible. They are weakest against Magic. They also have a small wander radius and will retreat when attacked from outside of it. Thus, it is possible to pin them on an obstacle while they are retreating with a long attack range (any Magic spell, shieldbows with shieldbow sight).

After all the raiders are defeated, Hollowtoof shouts one of the following lines:

  • "Now it's my turn!"
  • "You not so big!"
  • "Dis is for Dripnose!"
  • "Come an' get me!"
  • "Gonna hack you up!"
  • "My turn!"

He then becomes an attackable NPC who can be killed for Raider equipment. With combat level of at least 45, you can talk to him, with or without killing the other raiders, to intimidate him into giving you the raider equipment without a fight. However, he will need to be killed for a chance to earn Gud Raider equipment. Be sure to bring good combat equipment and food because Hollowtoof is much stronger than his combat level suggests, and he can frequently hit players with over level 90 combat stats in full rune armour.

Commander Yodri and his Black Guards will automatically teleport to the site after approximately ten minutes if the raid has not been defeated, causing the raiders to flee the scene until another raid starts on another site (30 minutes after they last appeared).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Goblin Raiders drop low-leveled skilling materials. After a raid, Commander Yodri appears and awards players 20 resources from the Dwarven Black Guard's store for every goblin slain (not including Hollowtoof), up to a maximum of 100 resources per raid. Thus, players who kill at least five of the raiders by themselves will receive the full 100 resources. Commander Yodri can store resources from multiple raids, and the rewards persist between logins, but system updates have reset his storage in the past, and it is not known if there is a limit. Thus, it is recommended to claim your resources at least at the end of each week.

The type of resources received depend on the location where the raid occurred. The following tables show the reward probabilities per resource. For example, if a player were to kill two Goblin Raiders in a farm raid, they would receive 40 rolls on the farm raids table when speaking with Commander Yodri.

Farm raids[edit | edit source]

The expected value from farm raids is 43,190, assuming that you kill at least 5 goblins yourself.

Forest raids[edit | edit source]

The expected value from forest raids is 69,120, assuming that you kill at least 5 goblins yourself.

  • Note: While Commander Yodri will only ever give players yew and willow logs, Goblin Raiders may also drop logs and oak logs in addition to their regular drop table.

Mine raids[edit | edit source]

The expected value from mine raids is 27,290, assuming that you kill at least 5 goblins yourself.

Players who kill Hollowtoof have a chance to receive Gud raider equipment, the strongest non-degradeable melee armour available to free-to-play. To have a chance at receiving a drop, players must either deal the most damage of all players to Hollowtoof or deal damage greater than 10% of his lifepoints (over 5,000 lifepoints) in addition to killing at least one Goblin Raider. As Gud equipment is a 1/512 drop per item, players will often receive only the low-level Raider equipment as a drop, but the chance of a Gud raider item seems to be separate. In particular, one can receive both types of drop in the same kill.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 13 August 2013 (Update):
    • The icon for goblin raids has been corrected.
  • patch 24 October 2012 (Update):
    • The world map blue marker has been removed for when directing players towards a goblin raid.
    • The counter on killing up to 15 goblins now states when it hits 15/15.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before an update on 26 May 2015, Goblin Raids were only accessible to members.
  • Due to a bug, Commander Yodri and his guards can teleport to the site after five minutes without the raiders and Hollowtoof being defeated instead of thirty minutes. This prematurely ends the raid, but players can get rewards for the raiders they killed from Yodri. A new raid doesn't spawn until approximately thirty minutes have passed since their previous respawn. This has yet to be fixed.
  • Due to another bug, the raiders were unable to collect anything in the potato field north of Lumbridge, dropping only bones and a drop from the goblin drop table when defeated. This happens at mining sites as well since the Mining and Smithing rework.
  • Commander Yodri states the raids originate from a village near Taverley, presumably Goblin Village.