Goblin Raids

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Goblin raid map icon.png

Goblin Raids is a free-to-play feature in Gielinor that was released on 17 October 2012. Every thirty minutes, a server-wide announcement goes out detailing the latest location of a goblin raid. Players work to repulse the raiders in this activity.

Finding a raid[edit | edit source]

Goblin Raider.png

To receive a notification in chat about a raid, one must have the filter option enabled in the "Game" tab. High-levelled players (around level 90) must enable "Goblin Raids" under "Settings -> Social -> Notification Messages". A special icon of a goblin face appears on the player's map, and another icon for the guards appears after the event finishes in the same place.

Note that the more crowded the world is, the lower the chances are to slay one of the raiders and get some rewards in the process. The chances are even worse when competing with a player with higher levels.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Hollowtoof and several Goblin Raiders raid a potato field

When there is a raid, Goblin Raiders appear at the place indicated by the message. These raiders shout various phrases such as "Got one!" and "I got a ...". Each time they shout this, one raided drop (logs for a wood-gathering goblin and seeds for a goblin on a farm) is added to that goblin. When it is killed, they drop all of these, as well as the common drops of a Goblin. For example: a goblin that has said something three times could drop two logs and one oak logs from their inventory and bones and a goblin mail from their normal drop table. The Goblin Raid is lead by the Chieftain Hollowtoof. Players must kill all of the raiders in order to fight the chief.

After all the raiders are defeated, Hollowtoof shouts "Now it's my turn!" or "You not so big!" and becomes an attackable NPC who can be killed for Raider equipment. To avoid attacking him, go up to him as a level 45 and speak with him. After a quick talk with him, he panics and is extremely afraid of the player, and he gives the raider items. However, he will need to be killed for a chance to earn the Gud Raider equipment.

Commander Yodri and his Black Guards will automatically teleport to the site after approximately thirty minutes if the raid hasn't been defeated, causing the raiders to flee the scene and start a raid on another site.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The goblins drop skilling materials useful to lower levelled players. For everyone who participated in the onslaught, Commander Yodri appears and gives players an item from the Dwarven Black Guard's store for every goblin slain. He does not hand out any reward for those who only damaged Hollowtoof and none of the other goblins. Commander Yodri's rewards are based on the location of the raid, and the amount scales with the amount of raiders the player has killed:

If the player is high-levelled, during the activity, they can speak to Hollowtoof before all the goblins are killed to receive the Raider equipment set. Players can kill Hollowtoof for a chance to receive Gud raider equipment, the strongest non-degradeable melee armour available to free-to-play. After the raid, when Yodri and his crew are there, a special icon of a dwarf face appears on the player's map. Players will often receive the low-level Raider equipment as a drop, and the chance of a Gud raider item seems to be separate. In particular, one can receive both types of drops in the same kill, and it appears that all players that attack at least one Goblin and Hollowtoof have a chance for a Gud raider item.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before an update on 26 May 2015, Goblin Raids were only accessible to members.
  • Due to a bug, Commander Yodri and his guards can teleport to the site after already five minutes without the raiders and Hollowtoof being defeated instead of thirty minutes. This prematurely ends the raid, but players can get rewards for the raiders they killed from Yodri. A new raid doesn't spawn until approximately thirty minutes have passed since their previous respawn. This has yet to be fixed.
  • Due to another bug, the raiders are unable to collect anything in the potato field north of Lumbridge, dropping only bones and a drop from the goblin drop table when defeated. This has yet to be fixed.