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A gnomecopter pilot in Prifddinas.

Gnomecopters are a type of aircraft used by gnomes to travel over large distances, akin to gnome gliders. However, unlike gliders, gnomecopters are not carried by the wind, and can carry more than two people. They were invented by Hieronymus Avlafrim, who combined the designs of Yewnock's gliders with that of magic carpets from the Kharidian Desert.

Hieronymus and his assistant Sasquine Huburns used to offer free Gnomecopter Tours, using a smaller, less sophisticated version of the gnomecopter, taking people to various places around the world, but their service has been discontinued. The gnomes of Arposandra were known to make use of gnomecopters for food deliveries to the Mayor of Prifddinas until the Iorwerth Clan were defeated in the early Sixth Age. It is currently unclear whether or not the Royal Guard utilize them in combat or not.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The original gnomecopter.