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Gnome Air is a Gnomic corporation that is the primary overseer and manager of air travel in Gielinor, founded by Oaknock the Engineer, who created the first of a now popular series of contraptions commonly called gnome gliders, which are now owned by the company and posted in several locations around the land, including:

Gnome Air is primarily based in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, where their main manufacturing trade of gliders takes place. The company produces the commercial gnome gliders that take gnomes and trusted humans on journeys across the land, but it also produces composite military gliders, which are more refined and agile, able to cross greater distances and have the ability to fold up into a small bundle, easily fitting into a large crate and thus making them easier to transport in war situations.

It is also thought that Hieronymus Avlafrim, manager of the now discontinued Gnomecopter Tours, is an associate of the company, which therefore also owns Gnomecopters, which were at one time used in military activities.[1]

Locations of the Commercial Gliders

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