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This article is about the race. For the monster, see Glacor.

Glacors are a race of ice creatures of unknown origin. They conquered their current homeworld Leng aeons ago, coming from space in the form of comets.

History[edit | edit source]

Aeons ago, the glacors invaded the planet Leng for reasons unknown. They first appeared as icy comets arriving from space before crashing down onto the planet and created bodies out of the ice they brought with them before overpowering the planet's civilization and covering the entire planet beneath a sheet of ice miles thick.[1][2][3]

Sometime prior to the Third Age, during his quest to cure the Ilujanka's infertility, Zaros went to Leng and slew an Arch-Glacor, transforming its core into an ice crystal for Nex to use.[4]

The Mahjarrat Lucien summoned several hundred glacors to reinforce him during the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation, although only one made it to the battle as the remaining were held by Kuradal.[5] Kuradal eventually escaped the onslaught, and with Lucien's death, the creatures had no one to answer to, so they remained inside the cave.

During the Sixth Age, more glacors were transported from Leng to Gielinor by Wen, who sought to reclaim her egg at any cost. Wen did not interact with the glacors, as she sensed the taint of shadow anima on them - when and where they had accumulated it on them is unknown. Many glacytes, some glacors and one Arch-Glacor were drawn to the portals she created, arriving at Senntisten.[6]

Abilities and Nature[edit | edit source]

The true form of glacors is the core in their bodies. They have also been described by Zamorak as "motes of wild anima". They can manipulate ice to create a physical body for them, which is the part that is seen and fought. They are able to travel through space in the form of comets and survive orbital re-entry.[7][8][2][9]

Glacors have the ability to freeze the surrounding area they’re in just with their presence. They are capable of attacking with with melee, magic, and ranged attacks and summoning glacytes to assist them when they run low on health. The nature of glacytes and their exact relation to glacors is unknown. Glacors can be controlled and summoned by powerful entities, as shown with Lucien.

Unstable glacytes attempt to explode on nearby enemies before regenerating themselves and restarting the process if not killed. Sapping glacytes drain their enemies' prayer. Enduring glacytes reduce the damage taken to their host glacor.

Arch-Glacors are far stronger and larger than their standard brethren, being 10 to 100 times larger than them, and are capable of returning stronger after being defeated if not killed for good. Even purer beings of ice, they can use their innate powers to launch powerful blasts and beams at their opponents. Arch-Glacors cannot be controlled and are extremely difficult for lesser gods to subdue them - Zamorak had tried to acquire one for his armies, but found that they were immune to demonic pacts and stated that it was near impossible for a lesser god to subdue one by force.[10] An Arch-Glacor's core can freeze those caught in its grip to death; slivers of ice obtained from them are called dark nilas, and those who can harvest its core intact can repurpose it into powerful weaponry.

Ur-Glacors are the largest and most powerful members of the race, towering over the Arch-Glacors.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Beauty refers to them as a "rare" type of ice elemental.

References[edit | edit source]

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