Gilded armour

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Not to be confused with Golden equipment.
A male player wearing full gilded armour.

Gilded armour is a set of member's armour and is a reward from level 3 Treasure Trails (Hard). It is essentially gold-plated rune armour, as the sets' defence bonuses are identical. Gilded armour was once bought to serve as a status symbol.

Gilded armour consists of:

Image Type GE Price
Rune full helm (Gilded).png Rune full helm (Gilded) 129,650
Rune platebody (Gilded).png Rune platebody (Gilded) 576,238
Rune platelegs (Gilded).png Rune platelegs (Gilded) 429,610
Rune plateskirt (Gilded).png Rune plateskirt (Gilded) 67,079
Rune kiteshield (Gilded).png Rune kiteshield (Gilded) 312,435
Gilded armour set (lg).png Gilded armour set (lg) Not sold
Gilded armour set (lg).png Gilded armour set (sk) Not sold

Each set does not contain five items, but four. The Gilded armour set (lg) contains platelegs (but not the plateskirt), while the Gilded armour set (sk) contains plateskirt (but not the platelegs).