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Gielinorian Giving is a time-limited charity event, released on 5 October 2020 to promote the World Mental Health Day on 10 October. In this event players can answer mental-health related questions by talking to Kal, Lau'Ra, and Zoed found north-west of the Lumbridge Crater every two days. The event lasts until the end of 18 October 2020.

The event coincides with a Travelling Artisan event.

Occasionally, when logging in during the event, the following message will be shown:

  • Head to the north of Lumbridge Crater to assist the Travelling Artisan and representatives from the CPSL Mind, Rise Above The Disorder and Prince's Trust charities.

Charity[edit | edit source]

All proceeds raised during the event will be donated to three charities to promote mental health awareness:

  • Rise Above the Disorder
  • CPSL Mind
  • Prince's Trust

Questions[edit | edit source]

Answering questions for the three representatives, Kal, Lau'Ra, and Zoed, north-west of Lumbridge Crater gives 100 Travelling Artisan Patches and a small prismatic lamp for each correct answer, with one question from each per two days. Questions can only be answered on the days they appear. The questions and their answers are listed below.

Correct answers are shown in bold text and highlighted green.
Kal: What was Rise Above The Disorder previously known as?Armadyl's Assistance
Anxiety Gaming
Gamer's Trust
Saradomin's Support
Lau'Ra: The Prince's Trust helps people in what age range?7-15
Zoed: How many people are affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime?1 in 20
1 in 10
1 in 4
1 in 2
Kal: What does Rise Above The Disorder do?Provides entirely free mental health care to everyone
Makes games about mental health
Provides mental health care only to gamers
Live streams games that involve mental health issues
Lau'Ra: What percentage of teachers in the UK worry that their pupils won't be ready for the world of work when they leave school?40%
Zoed: What percentage of those with a mental health condition develop it before the age of 24?25%
Kal: The World Health Organization recently recommended which activity to help those in isolation?Eating crisps
Underwater basket weaving
Playing video games
Prank calling friends
Lau'Ra: What does the Prince's Trust aim to support young people with?Courses
Zoed: How many people die due to suicide every year?200,000
Kal: The following are important things to do while isolated, except:Keeping a normal sleeping schedule
Staying connected with friends and family
Taking time to meditate
Ignoring physical wellness
Lau'Ra: On average, how long does it take young people experiencing mental health issues to seek help?3 years
5 years
10 years
20 years
Zoed: How many core values does CPSL Mind have?4
Kal: What percentage of youth report poor mental health?30%
Lau'Ra: Which of these symptoms can occur if you are feeling depressed?Don't feel hungry
Hungry all the time
Always tired
Zoed: What percentage of young people experiencing a mental health condition have NOT received appropriate support?30%
Kal: What percentage of youth go without treatment for poor mental health?68%
Lau'Ra: Young people aged 15 to 24 who describe their communities as kind are ____ likely to be mentally healthy than young people who don't.Less
Just as
There is no correlation
Zoed: What is the name of the CPSL Mind campaign which focuses on empowering students to find positive ways of coping with stress?Stress LESS
NO Stress
Stress FREE
STOP Stress
Kal: Which of the following is correct?Mental health is the #1 cause of student dropout in the US
Mental health is the #2 cause of student dropout in the US
Mental health is the #3 cause of student dropout in the US
Lau'Ra: Stigma is viewing a person in a negative way just because that person has a mental health condition. What are ways in which you can help to end the stigma?Educate yourself about mental health
Don't equate people with their mental health condition
Listen to how someone with a mental health condition feels
All of the above
Zoed: What is the name of the CPSL Mind suicide prevention campaign?END Suicide
STOP Suicide

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